Worldline will present its latest e-ticketing solutions at IT-TRANS in Karlsruhe

As a longtime IT partner of public transport companies Worldline will introduce its products and solutions for the transport sector at the IT-TRANS 2016 from 01st -03rd March 2016 in Karlsruhe at booth D6 in hall 1. Moreover, Worldline will give a keynote speech about Content, Payment, Access - Redefining journey planning and ticketing for the 21st Century.


23th-25th February 2016


For the cryptographic protection in the field of e-ticketing, basing on the core application standard compliant generation of combi tickets, Worldline presents its SAM Server. The WL SAM Server[PR1]  is based on proven security technologies from the financial sector and can be used as a key supplement to the decentralized, card-based SAMs.

For the mobile NFC-based ticketing Worldline presents the possibilities of the new host card emulation technology which is based on extensive experience in the field of payments.

In the area of ​​rail transport logistics Worldline presents its new generation of planning and optimization of route plans (ROMAN NG) which is already in use by numerous international customers. Special mention is made of the fact that the improved user interface with a graphical network representation and the advanced simulation and settlement in the new multi-tier architecture are the most important innovations in the field of transport logistics of the last years.

In today's consumption of mobility services, the demand of passengers is changing from the simple purchase of a ticket to a need for support that accompanies the ticket purchase due to various providers, tariffs and means of transport. This process includes not only the actual ticket purchase i.e. including payment, but also the trip planning and real-time travel information. With the international Automated Fare Collection solution Worldline provides its customers a powerful and configurable tool available in order to meet the growing demands in the transport sector.


For more information about Worldline’s e-ticketing solutions please visit  and the website of the organizer.


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