SmartMetro 2015

Worldline will be attending the SmartMetro 2015 conference in Copenhagen. Our e-ticketing expert will be leading the speaking engagement discussing Big Data and Asset Management. In addition there will also be roundtable sessions where Worldline will be participating. Come and listen to how Worldline imagine tomorrow’s transport technology for smarter systems to offer smoother journeys!


SmartMetro, incorporating the 6th annual CBTC World Congress, allows transport leaders, innovators and specialists to share best practice, uncover new solutions and put CBTC at the heart of SmartMetro systems.

For further information:


November 3-5th, 2015

Crowne Plaza Copenhagen Towers
Orestads Boulevard 114-118,          

Copenhagen 2300



To meet our e-ticketing team, please contact the Marketing and Communications Team.

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