Introducing our new brand identity

A new chapter and a new identity

Over the past few years, our company has taken on new dimensions. We have acquired some path-finding companies, launched numerous ground-breaking solutions, and many great people have joined us. While change is a daily reality at Worldline, one thing is a constant: our commitment to trust. These elements of change and continuity are all reflected in the new Worldline brand identity.


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Combining our strengths

Together for our clients

While organic growth has played an essential role in our success, we would not be where we are today without a series of strategic acquisitions, that have brought leading companies, talented people, and new capabilities to Worldline.

As we take our next steps as an independent world-class digital payments leader – we do it together.. With our global brand identity, we bring a unique value proposition to our clients, who know that they can trust us to deliver the innovative, secure and trusted quality solutions and products they need to help them succeed. 


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Our commitment to trust

Our promise since we began

Trust is essential to the growth and progress of people, businesses and societies, and it has always been at the heart of Worldline. Trust in our solutions enables our clients to seize opportunities, face the challenges ahead with confidence, and pass on trust to their customers. Our commitment to trust is reflected in our vision, brand signature, and everything we do at Worldline.



Our logo

Spanning worlds. Connecting lives.

Our new logo highlights how our activities span worlds, connect lives and pass on trust. Worldline enables and delivers transactions that bring separate worlds together, opening up opportunities for them both, with Worldline at the core passing on trust.


Our colours

Fresh, bright and sustainable


The nature-referenced colours in our palette are designed to convey the authenticity and clarity of our approach, rooted in trust. Our colours have been carefully selected to maximise readability and minimise carbon impact.


“Our main colour is Master Mint, a fresh green that reflects our deep commitment to sustainability as well as our upbeat, fresh approach to challenges and to the future.”



Our graphic system

Our role at the core of digital payment transactions is reflected in our graphic imagery. It fuses images and words from two different graphical worlds, creating a visual meeting point between them. This extends the metaphor conveyed in our logo of different worlds coming together, with Worldline providing the trusted link between them.



A sustainable brand

Balancing economic growth with environmental responsibility

As the first industry player with ambitions to be carbon neutral, sustainability is central to Worldline’s business model. Wherever we can, we aim to reduce our impacts on the environment and to generate solutions for our clients that help them to do the same.

The visual ingredients we use in digital and print, from our colours and font to our iconography, have been carefully conceived to minimise its carbon impact.


Digital payments for a trusted world

Bringing it all back home

Our new Worldline brand identity marks the beginning of a new chapter for us andthe clients we serve. Together, in one home, under one global brand, our 20,000+ payment experts are more than ever ready to provide the solutions and services our clients need to seize opportunities and navigate the future with confidence.