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Worldline is continuously building a vast ecosystem of partners to build and deliver superior business advantages based on best in class technology: a growing community that will enable us to bring together more value to our customers while combining technical assets, innovation capacity, talents and geographical reach.

Partnerships: Fintech


Worldline and AcceptEasy join forces to enable biller merchants to reach their customers via any channel with payment requests.
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Worldline and CopSonic are working together on ultrasound communication to improve security, interoperability and Ux within services related to Mobile Payments and ID Management.
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Worldline and Fexco partner to bring Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC) and Multi-Currency Pricing (MCP) services  to a wide range of businesses  across Europe.
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Worldline have collaborated with Limonetik to create a Marketplace payment platform to automate the settlement split between sellers and to perform commission calculation and currency conversion.
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Worldline integrates Lyf Pay, an innovative and secured multi-service mobile payment application for customer relationship management.
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Partnerships: Schemes


Worldline plays different roles in its relationship with Visa: acquirer, certified processor, technology partner, Token-services provider, approved partner of the Visa Ready for Transit programme and integrator of Visa Checkout to the Worldline PSP platform.
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Worldline integrates and deploys MasterCard’s MasterPass™ digital platform for online and mobile payments to offer simplified online and mobile shopping experience for merchants and consumers in all countries operated by Worldline.
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Solution Partnerships


Worldline joins the Adobe Cloud Signature Partner Program to offer Cloud-Based Digital Signature services, enabling users to digitally sign documents within Adobe Acrobat and Adobe Sign.
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Worldline and Continental partner to deliver a white label commercial vehicles telematics platform for passenger cars and LCV. 
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Toshiba partners with Worldline as a sales channel for Merchant Services Business Line including payment terminals in Europe and Asia Pacific. 
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Connected Retail Platform is a powerful solution to create new digital consumer experience in-store on which Worldline can add added value transactional services.
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Bureau Veritas

Built on Worldline's blockchain technology, Bureau Veritas has launched Origin, the world's first traceability label to give consumers a complete end-to-end proof of a product's journey, from farm to fork. 
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ISO partnerships

Grow your business, generate a new revenue stream and/or expand your geogarphical footprint by partnering with the largest processor in Europe! 

  • Single partner for merchant acquiring, POS terminals, eCommerce & more!!
  • Makes your life easier to work with one partner to address all your merchant needs
  • Transparent, flexible & competitive pricing
  • Bundled products that helps with market 
  • Smart merchant on-boarding tools
  • Faster merchant activation & conversion
  • Advanced sales tools to capitalize on!
  • Best practices in enabling payment adoption across all segments of the market
  • Strong focus on R&D, Innovation
  • Active in the M&A space

Thank you

Worldline rewards the fintechs CopSonic and iBilly for the solutions they created during the e-Payments Challenge which just took place in Paris from the 26th to the 28th of September.

Marc-Henri Desportes, Worldline Deputy CEO, states: “We have all been very impressed by the work and solutions, built using some of our industrial solutions, the fintechs presented. We congratulate the two ex-aequo winners, iBilly and CopSonic, but also thank all the participating fintechs, our partners and our experts who accompanied them. This collaboration is a win-win: for Worldline, its partners and the fintechs who co-innovated. Everyone has developed their expertise in terms of payments and end consumers services. We are willing and eager to renew this experience next year.”
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Partnering with Worldline offers significant advantages to our customers through innovation, processing capabilities and its related scalability while maintaining a continuous operational excellence.

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