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Through an “industrial grade open innovation” approach, combining your assets with our payment solutions and processing capabilities, to create together new high-value Payment solutions for our customers,.

Connect to scalable and innovative payment & digital solutions

  • Benefit from the global reach of payments solutions
  • Connect to our APIs and services to enable quick onboarding
  • Rely on industrial platforms
  • Get support from our R&D experts

Reach new customers and new geographies 

  • Expand your footprint in more than 30 countries
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Seamless transactions across 3 business lines

Energizing commerce with advanced payment services

Merchant Services’ unique combination of payment, digital and transactional expertise allows merchants to grow their sales and enhance their customers’ experience. We cover the full retail value chain, online and in-store. Supported by our fast-expanding international footprint, this business line is seeing rapid growth in geographies such as India and Central Europe. Based on an end-to-end approach in all our markets, we deliver a real digital journey for retailers and their customers and facilitate consumer engagement, via seamless services, on any device – putting payment at the very heart of the shopping experience.
  • Commercial Acquiring
  • Omnichannel Payment Acceptance
  • Payment Terminals Solutions
  • Digital Retail Services 

400K+ Merchants in Europe

Consolidating payment processing in Europe

The payments industry has entered a new era, triggered by transformative technological innovation, new regulations and increasing competition. Consumers want to be able to initiate payments in every context or channel. As a pan-European leader in financial processing, Worldline invests extensively in delivering new and innovative solutions for payments and card transactions, developed by its expert brand equensWorldline. With our know-how and experience, we help our clients adapt to the new reality of instant payments and digital transactions, enabling them to transform their business models, manage risks and fraud, and anticipate regulatory changes anywhere in the world. Leveraging our scale and our complete service portfolio, we work closely with our customers to help them prepare for a future full of opportunities.
  • Issuing Processing
  • Acquiring Processing
  • Account Payments
  • Digital Banking

300+ Financial Institutions

Enhancing consumer digital engagement beyond payment

There is much more to consumer digital engagement than just payment. In our Mobility & e-Transactional Services business line, we are deploying all of our experience and know-how in managing and securing transactions at the cuttingedge of the digital economy. Our expertise spans services as diverse as trusted digitization for regulated sectors, IoT, digital ticketing and contact centers. We help our partners and clients comply with regulations, secure their systems and transactions, and re-invent their customer engagement for the digital future.
  • Trusted Digitization
  • eConsumer & Mobility 
  • e-Ticketing

350+ Customers on various industries

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  • Engage among an extensive Payment “Business Network”