E-commerce in Latin America: the perfect moment to get the fundamentals right

Chances are that, so far, 2020 looks nothing like what you planned for. So if your plan was to start, grow or scale an e-commerce business in Latin America, what should you do next? Read our blog article to find out more.

Can regulation catalyse a deep, deliberately digital transformation?

PSD2 exemplifies regulation driving innovation and change rather than, as is usually assumed, constraining it. Many companies, rather than simply using digital technology to optimise what they do today, will have to re-imagine their entire business models. Read more.

From automatic to autonomous payments – can “things” pay?

Internet of things (IoT), Banking of Things, Payment of Things, there are so many buzzwords ending with "things". IoT has generated tremendous excitement and opportunities for innovation which explains its impact on the banking and payment industry. So can "Things" pay? Read on to find out.

Happy holidays: Five retail trends for the holiday season

It is said to be the most wonderful time of the year. In the retail sector, that may or may not be true, but either way, the run-up to the end-of-year holiday season is definitely the busiest. What will be shaping the 2019 festive season? Find out more in this article.

3 winning omnichannel strategies for Black Friday and beyond

For many of us, the words “Black Friday” still conjure up images of wild hordes stampeding into department stores and unsavory fights over low-end televisions. Luckily, the seasonal shopping frenzy is starting to look a little different in the era of omnichannel retail. Find out more in this article.