How can sustainability create value for financial services providers? | Webinar

22 / 11 / 2021

With COP26 having come to a close, the financial services industry is left with the imperative to act.

1 min.


Each passing day further highlights the urgency of bold climate action from financial institutions around the globe. This has also led consumers to look for the financial tools and products to make a difference. Creating sustainable value in banking and finance means meeting the demands of customers to address the issue of climate change.

But how exactly should the banking and finance industry go about tackling climate change?Watch this insightful conversation with industry experts and thought leaders who discuss why sustainability presents one of the biggest opportunities for the financial services sector and what role this industry must play in the fight against climate change.


  • David Lais - CPO and co-founder, ecolytiq
  • Sébastien Mandron - Corporate Social Responsibility Officer, Worldline
  • Dr. Sebastian Müller - LL.M, co-founder, right. based on science