davinci III Vending

Davinci III Vending

davinci III Vending: The unattended terminal for reliable payment at vending machines.



Paying for tickets, parking and other services at vending machines is made simple and secure thanks to the high-end terminal davinci III Vending. The combination of PINPAD, plug-in reader and contactless reader is easy to use and enables your customers to make fast contactless and chip payments.



Please note the following points for vending solutions with unmanned terminals:

  • The unmanned terminals will be obtained from the vending machine manufacturer/supplier at Worldline.
  • The unmanned terminals will be professionally installed by the vending machine manufacturer/supplier and in accordance with the applicable guidelines (including the Card Schemes).
  • The vending software must be linked to the unmanned terminal by means of an interface (MPD-/ TIM-Server, TIM API or TIM-Server-MDB).
  • The complete solution (vending machine with installed and unmanned terminal) must undergo the ep2 conformity test and be certified to this effect.
  • The vending machine manufacturer/supplier hands over the complete vending solutions to the vending machine operator with a handover record and confirmation of compliance with the abovementioned points.

Have we sparked your interest?

Your vending machine manufacturer/supplier will be happy to provide you with information about the options for using our terminals. Please contact your vending machine manufacturer/supplier direct for more information. If your vending machine manufacturer/supplier is not yet one of our partners we would be happy to establish contact with them.

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