eHealth: Embrace the digital era of remote health services.

Worldline actively supports governments and public health organisations to build a healthier society. Read on to discover how we are accelerating the shift to remote care through digital services that optimise the costs and value of health services for everyone.

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Digital health services to revolutionise patient care pathways.

Health spending will outpace GDP growth over the next 10 years in almost all OECD countries. Most Western countries are likely to see unprecedented and significant demographic growth in the number of people aged 65 and over in the coming years. As health systems face the combined challenge of meeting increasing demand with limited resources, there is an urgent need to fundamentally rethink the way health services and systems are organised.

The digitisation of health services is paving the way for designing new care pathways for prevention, care coordination, chronic disease management, rehabilitation, senior care and more. The aim is for patient-centred services to effectively support the continuum of care, regardless of where patients live, and to support the cooperation of all healthcare professionals around the patient pathway. For this to happen, two recurring barriers must be overcome: a lack of patient confidence in data privacy and a lack of interoperability between local systems that hold fragmented data.

How to build trust and connections for patient-centred services.

Any eHealth programme undertaken by public institutions opens them up to the risks inherent in putting large amounts of public health data on a digital platform. Advanced expertise in data security that is able to safely manage millions of Electronic Health Records is critical to ensure that patients can trust that their personal information is protected. To ensure the highest levels of security, public institutions require a partner with proven experience in handling significant volumes of sensitive data while ensuring a permanently high level of security protection and privacy.

With security and data protection as core fundamentals in our services, we have established longstanding partnerships with our customers. When it comes to health interoperability we enable our customers to speed up the process of exchanging patient data and make patient care pathways a reality. Combining the experience of high-scale security with the agility to make systems interoperable is a rare quality that Worldline provides in order to help our customers achieve successful public eHealth programmes.

“At Worldline we believe in building relationships that pass on trust – and nowhere is this more critical than in our solutions for the healthcare system. We are wholly committed to ensuring patient accessibility and confidentiality.”

Marc Lejeune, eHealth Expert, Worldline

Experience and expertise to solve complex eHealth challenges.

To meet public institutions’ requirements in the area of eHealth we deploy our  high-scale and secure hosting from our payment services, and more than 20 years of operating eHealth patient pathways powered with native interoperability.

We boost complex programmes with a design-conscious approach that ensures a simple and accessible patient user experience. Interoperability with external systems is achieved with the adoption of standards HL7, FHIR, and IHE. Security and protection are certified eHealth ready, and identity management, trusted authentication and medical IoT capabilities are ensured by customised Worldline products and services.

Worldline also supports governments and public organisations to advance tailored eHealth programmes including prevention, remote patient monitoring that enables homecare, and senior care for improving the autonomy and care of elderly people living at home.

Towards the healthcare of the future.

Worldline eHealth solutions ensure genuine, radical improvement for care pathways and coordination processes, helping public authorities seize the opportunities of digitalisation and deliver successful healthcare programmes. They increase collaborative efficiency and improve patient experiences in care systems.

Patient engagement is fostered by increased trust in security and data protection. Individuals are given the confidence to adopt digital tools empowering them to look after their health, stimulate prevention, and enable feedback and interaction with healthcare providers. Worldline eHealth platforms are already highly scaled and currently host the health records of 60 million patients. As the public sector accelerates its investments, our expertise and capabilities are building innovative programmes that shape a healthier society.

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