LivePepper: The key ingredients to an online ordering solution.

To celebrate 6 years of successful partnership, we met with Laurent Vigouroux, CEO of LivePepper, to discuss the growth of their online ordering solution, and what restaurants need to consider when setting up their food delivery website.

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“LivePepper is a French company created 15 years ago in the south of France. At first, we tried to do online ordering in general, addressing several types of businesses. Then, we very quickly realised that we had to specialise, and we chose to focus on restaurants, which allowed the company to develop, to grow the team, and to take on clients in different European countries.”

Laurent Vigouroux, CEO, LivePepper

Watch the video below and read on to learn how LivePepper and Worldline work together to provide the best of our joint services to restaurant owners across Europe. 

An online ordering solution developed for restaurants.

LivePepper has a variety of customers ranging from local restaurants and medium-sized chains on a national level, to multinationals that use its services in one or more countries, depending on their needs. LivePepper’s aim is simple: to allow restaurants to easily manage their ordering website so they can grow their online presence. 

“We set up restaurants’ online ordering sites, their applications, and sometimes their in-store ordering kiosks. The idea is to allow their end customers to order products for takeaway and delivery efficiently and securely. We provide the website with the restaurant’s branding, the owner will be able to control their own customer database, carry out all their marketing actions, and, of course, have better margins.”

Laurent Vigouroux, CEO, LivePepper

Secure online payments to help restaurants grow.

Since online payments are an essential part of an online food order, each transaction must be secure and reliable. That’s why, in 2016, LivePepper set up a partnership with Worldline to put in place secure payment on online ordering sites. Relying on our mutual trust, this partnership has led to working together to support over 100 customers.

“The process is very simple: the restaurant owner goes to Worldline, creates an account with them, and then we liaise with Worldline’s technical teams to set it up on their website quickly. Restaurant owners appreciate the fact that the payment is secure, with customers’ data being stored on Worldline’s secure servers. They also like that their customers do not have to re-enter their card details each time, since they can be saved on the website.”

Laurent Vigouroux, CEO, LivePepper

The recipe for success: a win-win partnership.

Being a Worldline partner means having a privileged relationship with our advanced payments technology experts to achieve your business goals. It is about joining forces to best support your clients and your business growth through dedicated support teams and joint marketing initiatives.


For Laurent Vigouroux, the relationship between LivePepper and Worldline illustrates the importance of close working relationships.

“A key element of this partnership is that we are lucky to have a channel manager who takes care of us throughout the year. This allows us to simplify exchanges, interactions and avoid friction. […] Finally, there is the marketing aspect, which allows us to increase the visibility of the company to a wider range of customers.”

Laurent Vigouroux, CEO, LivePepper

Working with Laurent Vigouroux and his team at LivePepper continues to be a pleasure and we are pleased to accompany many merchants and partners on their growth journeys in France and beyond!

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