How SmartBuyGlasses experienced exponential growth, launching in 15 new global markets since installing a new full-service payment approach.

SmartBuyGlasses is the leading global e-tailer of designer eyewear, with operations across Asia Pacific, Europe and the Americas. SmartBuyGlasses’ domain properties are market leaders in over 35 countries and 17 languages worldwide. Here we explore our partnership with SmartBuyGlasses,and how our full-service payment approach, and ability to offer a wide range of alternative payment methods, have helped the company to successfully navigate new market landscapes and launch in 15 new countries worldwide since 2010.

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Getting ahead of competitors by putting scale at the heart of its expansion strategy.

SmartBuyGlasses competes in its space with some very large, global retailers and department stores. So it understood early on that scale would be key to its expansion strategy. This meant growing far beyond its core market of Australia. After expanding into several new markets between 2006 and 2010, the company knew it needed a global payments partner to help it further grow and manage the increasing complexity of running operations and collecting payments in multiple markets.

That’s where we stepped in.

“We were looking for a partner who could help us penetrate new markets by offering data driven insights and streamlining payment processes. Partnering with Worldline and embracing their full payments service has helped us to achieve that ambition. “As well as helping us to better understand local markets and manage the increasing complexity of running operations and collecting payments in multiple markets, I strongly believe that localised payment methods have been one of the primary reasons for our success. We now operate in 35 markets worldwide and I’m confident that our ability to provide our customer with their preferred payment methods has been key to this expansion.”

Doron Kalinko, CEO and Co-founder, SmartBuyGlasses

Local market insight. Simplified processes. Wider choice of local payment methods.

We worked hard to help SmartBuyGlasses successfully launch in new countries, offering the company a full-service payments approach to help streamline operations and cut through the complexity of navigating a new market.

Before entering a new market, we worked with the company to understand the local payment landscape, including analysing pricing in local currencies and consumer payment processes. Once the new market was identified, we helped streamline the process of setting up in each area of the country’s operations, by collecting all payments and remits into the preferred currency. We dramatically simplified reconciliation by offering a single report covering all markets.

Offering a carefully curated selection of locally relevant alternative payment products in addition to all major credit cards, enabled the company to successfully navigate new market introductions and grow exponentially worldwide.

Exponential growth. Localisation at the heart of global expansion.

  • Exponential growth since 2010 – launching in 15 new countries.
  • In excess of $150 million payments processed. 
  • More payment methods offered globally.
  • True understanding of local market key to company’s successful global expansion.
“Working with SmartBuyGlasses to help them successfully penetrate new markets across the globe, is a great example of how expertise, vision and drive can go a long way to turning an ambition into a reality. “Managing payments originating from 35 different markets can be very complicated. We helped reduce that complexity by providing a large portfolio of payment products through a single connection, with a single report and single remittance. We were also able to help SmartBuyGlasses with data-driven insights into consumer behaviour and preferences which enabled them to provide a truly localised shopping experience wherever they wanted to go. It also allowed them to concentrate on what they do best – growing their business and maintaining their reputation as a global eyewear powerhouse.”

Mike Goodenough, Global Head of eRetail, Worldline

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