Woman pays in shop

Android POS terminals

Safe and simple solutions for your POS.

Accept payments at the checkout or on-the-go with the new generation of Android POS terminals we offer you. Serve your customers who wish to make transactions with credit, debit and prepaid cards or digital wallets quickly and securely.

Learn more about the new generation of Android POS terminals

  • Wired Android POS

    The wired Android POS is an easy-to-use POS with an ergonomic design. You use it as a desktop POS for transactions made directly at the cash register of your business.
  • Wireless Android POS 4G/WiFi

    The new, smart wireless Android POS 4G/WiFi features advanced software technology and a sleek look. It connects to 4G, 3G, WiFi, and Bluetooth, and offers you complete security for all types of transactions.
  • Android Mobile POS

    Android Mobile POS connects via the Bluetooth of your smartphone or tablet to a dedicated Android payment application. It offers you complete security and exceptional speed in your transactions, combined with a sleek design.

Looking for an even smarter solution?

  • Smart POS

    Accept card payments on your smartphone! Take advantage of NFC technology and turn your smartphone into a terminal that accepts card payments. It supports all Visa and Mastercard cards with contactless technology, as well as all digital wallets, including Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay.