Live Streaming Commerce With Livescale

Worldline Rise 2021: Redefining commerce with live streaming innovation. Explore the collaboration between Worldline and Livescale in an engaging discussion

Live event

02 - 02 / 11 / 2021


Mumbai, India



Worldline Rise 2021 India chapter is a global initiative powered by Worldline. The recently concluded event on 8th October 2021 was based on the theme ‘Driving Growth Through Innovation In Payments’ where industry leaders from across the spectrum of the payment value chain came together to discuss key developments in the ecosystem. Payment is one of the fastest-growing industries that thrive on innovation. We explore diverse aspects of this theme through insightful sessions and panel discussions.

Worldline recently formed an exciting partnership with Livescale - a startup introducing the power of live shopping experience globally with next-level technology. Jie Xue (Product Innovation Manager - Worldline) was in conversation with Madison Schill (Marketing and Communication Director - Livescale) on Live Streaming Commerce With Livescale. Keep reading to find out more about this budding partnership and the innovative trend of live-streaming commerce.

Live shopping and different trends across the world

The Indian market has seen a lot of traction when it comes to influencer-motivated live shopping. Customers can also experience live shopping through a marketplace model by downloading an app to get access to an infinite 24*7 pool of different brands.

This is what makes Livescale’s partnership with Worldline so unique. Customers will be able to buy from a merchant’s store directly in real time without ever having to leave the video stream. This translates into credibility, ultimately leading to more sales and engagement.

Customer experience during live shopping

Primarily a mobile-first solution, Livescale provides accessibility on other devices as well. The user experience during live shopping is seamless and intuitive as customers have already imbibed the See Now, Buy Now approach. Customers are able to get real-time feedback with all the data required to make a purchase.

Worldline’s collaboration with Livescale

Worldline and Livescale’s partnership offers a chance to hold hands with brands, create a strategy, and talk to experts to build a seamless, easy, and ready-to-go e-commerce connectivity

3 key factors of success for brands to focus on:

  • Authenticity - The power of live shopping is that the customers can see a bit of themselves in the brands, providing an ephemeral experience.
  • Give people a reason to tune in - The fear of missing out is powerful. Live shopping events with high conversion rates provide never-seen-before discounts and a gift with purchase, which benefits both the customer and the merchant.
  • Embedded commerce - Having connectivity where customers can purchase a product in a single tap while given data helps them make the purchase.
Live shopping opportunities in the Indian market

The Indian consumer is passionate and relies heavily on influencers during the decision-making. That being said, live commerce in India is skyrocketing and is set to reach 4-5 billion dollars by 2025. Investing in beauty and personal care specifically is going to be a strong and consistent driving force during this period. Robust social media promotion, a user-friendly website, and an expert internal team can help boost sales during live shopping.

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