Enjoy the flexibility of accepting card payments with Link/2500 All in One
Enjoy the flexibility of accepting card payments with Link/2500 All in One

Link/2500 All in One

Enjoy the flexibility of accepting card payments with Link/2500 All in One

Accept card payments and mobile payments with Link/2500 All in One. The mobile terminal is versatile and ideal for retailers, caterers, service providers and businesses that accept payments on the go.


EUR 149.-EUR 0,055 + 0,4%EUR 0.-
instead of EUR 199.- for your payment terminal (until 27/03/24)*per transaction
monthly costs

*Promotion limited to one terminal per merchant.


Electronic payments – without fixed monthly costs

Information about the costs

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DebitEUR 0,055 + 0,4%
Credit (Mastercard & Visa)1,25%
Credit (Diners Club, Discover, Union Pay, JCB, Alipay, WeChatPay)2,65% min. EUR 0,15
 Processing of chargebacksEUR 30.-
 Setup feesEUR 0.-
Annual cost after 12 months GCAM (account management compliance guarantee)EUR 60.-

Questions and answers

    • User-friendly and intuitive interface
    • Selection of the most important payment functions via icons on the start screen
    • Viewable transaction history
    • Digital receipt via e-mail
    • Acceptance of all major means of payment including Visa, Visa Debit, V PAY, Mastercard, Debit Mastercard, Maestro.
    • Dimensions: 129 x 70 x 18.4 mm
    • 2.4” colour display with backlighting
    • Touch display (QVGA 240 x 320 px)
    • Chip card reader, NFC (contactless) and magnetic stripe
    • EMV- and EP2-certified
    • Connectivity: WiFi ® 2.4 GHz, 4G LTE
    • USB A to USB C ports
    • Operating system Telium Tetra
    • Li-ion battery, 1200mAh (removable)
    • 256 MB Flash, 128 MB RAM storage
    • Cortex A5 processor application and crypto processor
  • Yes, the Link/2500 Portable Flex has a handy tip function that proactively asks for a tip before each transaction. This is then shown separately on the digital receipt after the transaction.

    Please contact our customer service team at cs_luxembourg@worldline.com to activate the function. Please send the terminal ID (TID) in the mail.

  • In myPortal you have access to all cashless payments around the clock. The online customer portal offers you a structured overview of your transactions and payments. All information is also available as a download. Numerous filter functions allow you to search for individual transactions and details. In addition, myPortal supports the financial reconciliation processes between credits, transactions and your accounting.

  • Once the order is received and we have received all necessary information (including last two steps: ID identification and signing the contract), it will be shipped at our expense.

  • The solution is particularly suitable for shops, delivery services, cafés, market stalls and small businesses that accept card payments but do not want to pay fixed monthly costs or basic fees. The Link/2500 Portable Flex terminal can be used both at the counter in a shop and on the go.

  • A practical feature of the Link/2500 Portable Flex is the digital receipt. At the end of a transaction, you can enter your customer’s e-mail address and send the receipt directly to them.

  • You will get your payment 1 working day after daily closing has been completed. Daily closing is used to deliver and finalise all transactions made. After the daily closing process, the amounts are credited to the bank account. A daily closing should be carried out at least once per day, preferably when the store has closed for the day. Please note that the first payment will be made only after we have confirmed that all required documents have been provided correctly.

  • Yes, you can also accept payments with American Express. Please notethat you need to take out an additional contract with American Express. If you are interested in accepting American Express, please contact us.

  • With Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC), your customers can easily pay in their card currency. This service allows you to offer your customers real added value and to secure attractive commission for every transaction.

  • Please contact us directly.

  • Yes, the Link/2500 Portable Flex terminal can be used outside of Luxembourg but only inside of Europe.

  • The payment terminal will be sent by post at our expense as soon as the order is received (including last two steps: ID identification and signing of the contract) unless we have additional questions. The purchase price of the terminal will be settled with the payments of the transaction fees.

  • Please contact our sales team if you have any questions about our offer or need any additional information via commercial.lux@worldline.com or call +352 3 55 66 444 at any time.

    If you have technical questions after your purchase, please contact cs_luxembourg@worldline.com  or call +352 49 10 38.

    You can also find other information about your transactions in our free myPortal customer portal.

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