Customers' priorities in our CSR approach



In our ongoing series about our Corporate Social Responsibility, we give you a detailed view of the different axes of our report. In this article, Marc-Henri Desportes, our General Manager, discusses how our customers' priorities are fully integrated in our CSR approach.

Because our CSR approach is embedded within and fully aligned with our business processes, we have to be particularly focused on the expectations of our customers’ clients in terms of service, security and social responsibility.

How are customer priorities reflected in Worldline’s CSR approach?

Our CSR approach is embedded within and fully aligned with our business processes. As a company serving customers in the B2B2C domain, everything we do is driven by end consumer expectations because this is the primary focus of our own customers. We have to be particularly focused on the expectations of our customers' clients in terms of service, security and social responsibility. A prime example is the end consumers’ awareness and concern about data privacy, which has become a major preoccupation of our customers. In making decisions about our priorities and actions in our CSR approach, we look first to the needs and expectations of customers and consumers.

What are some of the tangible ways in which Worldline’s CSR approach affects customers?

First and foremost is our commitment to data privacy, confidentiality and security. Our whole business is built on earning and keeping the trust of our customers. In ensuring payments and transactions, there can be no doubt about the security of our systems and our processes for handling sensitive information. As a result, we are extremely cautious and careful about safeguarding the integrity of the data with which we are entrusted. This goes beyond respecting applicable international and national laws. It also means being proactively involved in managing these issues and contributing to improved protection of data management.
In the past several years, there also has been an increasing focus by all types of organization on their environment footprint. By improving efficiency and optimizing transactions, Worldline contributes to reducing consumption of natural resources and energy and minimizing the production of physical materials that must be managed as waste.

How does Worldline’s innovation on behalf of its customers relate to its CSR commitment?

Worldline is fundamentally a technology company and innovation is truly part of everything we do. Our business is driven by end consumer expectations that are influenced by society’s fast-moving digital transformation. Consumers increasingly expect to be able to use their mobile devices to perform all of their day-to-day transactions seamlessly and efficiently. They also count on being protected from fraud when they place their trust in electronic payment and transaction systems. The merchants, banks and public authorities that are our customers look to us to help them respond to these expectations. Through our constant innovation, we are delivering high value-added services that increase efficiency, improve security and help to lead the digital transformation of all aspects of life, whether in banking and retailing or transportation, healthcare, education or home living.

One of the most important means for monitoring performance and driving improvement toward operational excellence is through customer feedback. Therefore, we conduct a biannual customer satisfaction (CSAT) survey to assess our services and overall performance.