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CSR in the core of Worldline’s DNA

CSR in the core of
Worldline’s DNA



In our ongoing series about our Corporate Social Responsibility, we give you a detailed view of the different axes of our report. In this article, we talk CSR with Gilles Grapinet, our CEO.

In this interview, Gilles Grapinet gives key insights on our CSR approach and vision, as well as on our subsequent challenges and priorities, and on the importance of the integration of our CSR program in our business processes.

What is the context for Worldline's CSR approach and vision?

We are very lucky to have inherited from the Atos Group very high standards and a very well structured approach in terms of CSR. Currently, we are part of it and are taking significant inspiration from this framework. But we decided jointly, as a management team, that we also needed to pursue our own CSR approach, to put more emphasis on some more specific challenges of the Worldline business.
Indeed, this is consistent with the decision to partially list Worldline as a separate company, based on a recognition that Worldline operates in a different subsector of the digital services market - electronic payments and transactions – with different stakeholders, business models and customer priorities.
We process billions of electronic transactions, which themselves support critical business activities of our customers. Through our solutions and systems, we also contribute to fighting financial fraud and to promote more trust and transparency in many businesses and societies. We are contributing, directly, to the transformation from cash-based to cashless economies. Worldline’s CSR approach is fully aligned with our business and the expectations of what we deliver to our stakeholders, society and the environment.

What are the major CSR challenges and priorities?

Like Atos Group, we put a lot of attention on the people dimension of the CSR policies. Unlike many of our peer companies, Worldline doesn’t do a lot of subcontracting to external companies to develop and operate our platforms. Relying instead on our own employees makes us a highly people-intensive company, with a very high level of in-house expertise. As a result, our CSR approach focuses on people, on their well-being at work, on offering opportunities for development and growth and on ensuring that everyone shares a common understanding of the company’s strategy and direction.
Like any global company, we face the challenge of ensuring consistent implementation of what we do across an organization formed from a number of different businesses, that operates in 17 countries on three continents and that reflects multiple cultures and perspectives. This needs to be true not only for achieving consistency in our financial processes, sales and delivery but also in ensuring that our CSR policies are fully understood in all countries despite the cultural gap.

Why is it important that Worldline’s CSR program is embedded as part of its business processes?

Every one of the key priorities we’ve identified within our CSR program is important to our core business model. In managing sensitive data, everything we do can have a critical impact on our customers. We have been in this business for decades with very high standards from that standpoint, which are and must stay, deeply ingrained within the organization, to pursue achieving the needed level of consistency and reliability. It’s why it’s so important to emphasize training, communication and business process alignment, to ensure that everyone in the organization, no matter how “technical” their role, fully understands how critical and direct is the impact of our activities on our customers and their own stakeholders. Our CSR approach, ultimately, is about ensuring that each one of us feels accountable for bringing consistency and certainty of execution to all we do.