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Together, let's become key players of tomorrow's sustainability

Together, let's become
key players of tomorrow's sustainability

Stephanie Nogues

Head of Global Marketing


What is the level of importance of sustainability in our offers?

Sustainability holds a very high level of importance in our offers and solutions. Indeed, our customers also have to face expectations and the commitments they make in terms of Corporate Social Responsibility. Our solutions need therefore to be able to accompany them in the concretization of said commitments.

Which sustainability spheres did we identify during the analysis of our offers portfolio for our CSR report?

We’ve identified three main sustainability spheres:



Can you tell us more about the sustainable benefits identified in each of these spheres?

We evaluated, for each sphere and in correlation with our offers, several sustainable benefits.

For the economic sphere, we identified qualities such as time savings, cost rationalization, flows and process optimization and security risk management.

For the social sphere, we identified qualities like online accessibility and mobility, impacts on health and the environment, fraud management, and human activity development and education.

Finally, for the environmental sphere, we identified sustainable qualities in multimodal transport, pollution, carbon footprint, and energy and resource savings.


Which sustainable positive impacts can our customers benefit from through our solutions?

It is true that the sustainable qualities of our solutions have benefits for our customers. For example, as part of our Mobility & e-Transactional Services, our e-Ticketing solutions enable:

  • From an economic standpoint, the optimization of people’s movement, time savings and cost rationalization.
  • From a social standpoint, the accessibility to the service and usage by end customers.
  • And, from an environmental standpoint, the digitization of paper tickets and, therefore, pollution reduction.

We can also mention our connected car solution which allows drivers to adapt a more eco-friendly driving and, therefore, reduce impacts on the environment.


In our Financial Services activities, our fraud management and authentication solutions offer several benefits for our customers’ sustainability such as:

  • From an economic standpoint, cost and losses reduction as well as better risk management.
  • And, from a social standpoint, increased reliability and improved confidence.


In terms of our Merchant Services activities, our multichannel payments solutions, such as WL Sips, for example, enable, on an economic level, arrears reduction, transaction security improvement, better risk management, cost reduction and revenue increases and, therefore, the sustainability of our customers' activities. On a social level, users can access online services through a wide array of channels, thanks to these solutions, hence a gain in accessibility. Online access to these services and to payments also promotes, on an environmental level, pollution reduction thanks to the decreased need to move and to produce paper and plastic-based payment methods.

Our banking solutions, such as online banking, have similar sustainable benefits thanks to online access and digitization. Moreover, it is the same for our digitization solutions as they have sustainable benefits for our customers both in terms of cost reduction and in terms of environmental impacts.

In conclusion, it is important to remember that we are working continuously on the sustainability of our solutions, from which our customers can get CSR benefits. An example is our ongoing project to add, on our payment terminals, a functionality to call the mobile of a visually impaired or blind person to indicate, by voice, the amount to pay and, therefore, to avoid frauds.


Thank you for your time today, Stéphanie. I will leave you with one final question: if you could invent a new innovative solution to help with one of your daily tasks, in your professional and/or private life, what would it be and why?

Maybe it is something that already exists… but it would be an app that could give me some recipes suggestions based on a picture of the content of my fridge and cupboards/pantry. I love cooking but sometimes I lack inspiration…