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equensWorldline: Your European cross-border payments expert

Your European cross-border payments expert



A New Chapter

Since our initial public listing in 2014, our key strategic goal has always been to be an active leader in the consolidation of the payments industry in Europe. The merger between Worldline and Equens marks a major milestone towards this strategic goal. Concretely, this translates into the creation of equensWorldline inside our Financial Processing & Software Licensing Global Business Line.

Strengthening of our expertise

The merger between Equens and Worldline’s Financial Processing activities, which created equensWorldline, has several objectives: to enhance and to expand Worldline’s payments activities and to ease our customers’ strategic digital transformation.

By bringing together our solutions, our grasp of regulatory constraints and our industrial strength, Worldline has added impressive expertise in non-card payments to its traditional strengths in card transactions and innovative e-commerce and mobile payments, providing best-in-class services across the board of processing and software services.Building on top of these strengths, equensWorldline offers Europe’s most comprehensive payment services, with unrivalled geographical scope. Occupying a leading position along the whole financial processing value chain, equensWorldline is ideally positioned to address the strategic challenges of our clients in the payments industry.

Ready to meet the market’s current needs and to develop innovative services for its customers, equensWorldline is also a leader in ACH (Automated Clearing House) and a digital expert. In particular, equensWorldline develops innovations for digital identification, instant payment, contactless payment, and more generally in m-payment for banks. With its innovative mindset and its expertise in digital and non-card payments, equensWorldline adds a real complementarity to Worldline’s already existing offers.