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Young@Worldline: Discover the testimonials of 5 young talents from our Worldline family

Discover the testimonials of 5 young talents from our Worldline family



In the IT sector, things are constantly evolving and moving. Based on this observation, Worldline started to develop trust-based partnerships with young talents. Because we think it is a priority to shape together the future of young talents, we are giving them the best opportunities within Worldline and we are creating together a unique path for them so they can learn, build their career and grow with us. Learn more about these young talents by reading the below interviews of four of our young apprentices and interns: Glenn, Vengades, Tina, Marine and Benjamin.





Glenn Maeschalck

My name is Glenn Maeschalck and I am 25 years old. I am from Brussels, Belgium. I studied Business Management, with a specialization in international management at ICHEC Brussels Management School, and graduated one year ago with a Master. I joined Worldline’s Business M&A team and it is my first Job. I applied for a job at Worldline because it is an international company, which is exactly what I studied, and it enables me to work with people from all over Europe and on international projects. My position within Worldline is quite unique, very international oriented and very strategic. Additionally, a few of my school friends work at Worldline and they provided positive feedback. I like the fact that this sector is very important for the economy. It is a very exciting industry that’s constantly evolving. Finally, while I did not know that when I applied for this position, remote work is a real asset for the company. The integration in the company went smoothly. People are always there to help you from the get-go. Furthermore, for younger people, there is an organization that has been set up called “Young@Worldline”. It regularly organizes events (trainings, games, and nights out, etc.). This enabled me to easily get to know a lot of new people across the company. At Worldline, young people are trusted and hence receive more responsibilities than they would in other companies. I will always remember the day of my interview with my future manager. He came specifically from Holland to meet with me. Once the interview was done, he told me “you are quiet young but you seem like the right candidate and I will keep you informed tomorrow”. The next day, he called me to discuss my future M&A job. Worldline provides young people a chance to prove and develop themselves. My ambition is to pursue an international career through Worldline’s mobility program.


Vengades Subramaniam

I am Vengades Subramaniam from Worldline Malaysia. Before joining Worldline, I was pursuing my degree in Software Engineering. I came across Worldline when I was looking for an internship. I did a 6-month internship at Worldline and I am currently working as a full-time employee. One thing that interested me in joining Worldline was COBOL/AS400 (editor's note: a programming language). It was something that I had never heard of before and I was very eager to learn it. The integration in Worldline was not hard at all thanks to its friendly working environment and positive work culture. At Worldline, all team members are treated equally no matter their job position or rank which makes communication between team members easier. Worldline is a great place to acquire knowledge and learn new skills because everyone on the team is always ready to share their best practices and help their juniors with their tasks. Along my path at Worldline, I have been given many opportunities to develop myself into a better employee. The one initiative that strikes me the most is when I was given the chance to join a project during my internship. That was the first project that I worked on at Worldline. I believe that this project is the foundation of my career at Worldline because, during this project, I learned the core knowledge and skills needed to come up with a qualitative and successful product. The next step in my professional future is to extend my knowledge area to various platforms such as Web Technology, Mobile Technology, and many other technology related fields instead of restricting myself only to COBOL/AS400. By exploring many fields, new ideas can be generated to enhance or come up with new products. Finally, working at Worldline is a great pleasure for me. I am very grateful for the opportunity Worldline gave me to gain experience in the industry. Most importantly, I want to thank all my colleagues who have contributed to my journey here. I am looking forward to many more years at Worldline, contributing to the growth of the company.










Tina Berger

My name is Tina Berger and I am 24 years old. I am a working student and part of the Worldline HR Team, located in Vienna, Austria. I am attending a part-time Master program for Human Resources Management and Labor Law at the University of Applied Sciences Burgenland.  Before joining Worldline, I worked as a Human Resources Assistant for a company in the real estate sector for nearly one year.  I have a bachelor’s degree in Corporate Communications. I joined Worldline because I identified with the job description and because the flexibility offered by the company was a great benefit for me as a potential hire. It seemed to fit perfectly with my expectations and area of studies combined with a great amount of responsibilities. Besides, I was also fascinated by the global player that is Worldline, which also offers a lot of opportunities for personal development. I felt welcome at Worldline right from the beginning. Everyone was supportive and I got accepted and integrated into the team immediately. If I had any questions, I could easily talk to my manager or a colleague, also across national borders. My areas of responsibility have expanded over time and I feel encouraged and challenged every single day. I am really happy to be a part of Worldline. In addition, Worldline’s Gender Equity initiative, more precisely the Woman’s Guild, as well as the Women@Worldline program, really impress me. It is about exchanging experiences, networking and there are also a lot of exciting lectures taking place. I think it is a great and important initiative within Worldline, with a special focus on women, because despite our progressive times, the gender gap is still an issue and in a male-dominated industry like IT, women definitely deserve support. In the HR team, I also have a lot to do with the Internal First initiative. I am particularly enthusiastic about the internal career opportunities for employees, which also cross national borders. I am currently writing my Master’s thesis in Labor Law and I am going to finish my studies this year. I do my best to gain as much practical experience as possible, to start-off as an HR Business Partner at Worldline afterwards.


Marine Cavrois

I am Marine Carvois and I am 25 years old. I work as a Procurement Manager for Worldline India in Mumbai under a V.I.E contract (editor's note: France’s Volunteer for International Experience program). After my Master’s degree (ESC Rennes – dual diploma in Procurement), I joined Worldline as an intern buyer in Seclin for 6 months. At the end of my internship, my manager offered me the possibility to go abroad in our Mumbai offices for 2 years. When I joined Worldline as an intern, I was looking for an experience as a buyer in an international company which would enable me to have responsibilities and to learn the procurement process. During the recruiting process, I met my future manager who explained what my role in the procurement department would be. To be honest, I did not know Worldline at that time and I had never worked in IT or the payment sector, but this interview with the procurement team totally motivated me because, as an intern, I had lots of responsibilities and work from the start to the end of each procurement task. The integration for my internship in France was an amazing experience. The procurement team took time to train and advise me. There was a great atmosphere and the best management. India brought a new culture and a new environment with no onsite manager but Indian people are very supportive and welcoming and I directly felt at home. It also helps me a lot to be in contact with the European team for guidance and support. Worldline’s procurement team is like a big family, even if I am 7,000km from them, they are still very present! Worldline India is growing a lot in the Indian market and it is very interesting to be part of this evolution and to manage all the procurement there. It is a daily challenge as processes are changing a lot. This kind of environment is a great source of learnings and it is a huge opportunity for me. In addition, I had the opportunity to adapt my European vision/knowledge to a totally different market and culture. I still have one year left working in Mumbai, then it will depend on Worldline’s internal opportunities.











Benjamin Gonne-Victoria

My name is Benjamin Gonne-Victoria and I am a 23-year old apprentice based in Bezons, near Paris. After starting biotechnology studies, I decided to live in the UK for some time. When I came back, I wanted to broaden my horizon by studying in a business administration school. For my Bachelor’s degree, I did an Erasmus (editor's note: European Union student exchange program) in Sweden where I obtained my diploma in entrepreneurial marketing. When I returned to France, I was taken on by Wordline for a two-year apprenticeship during my last two years of Master. Today, my missions within the company include different contributions for the global workforce management projects and for the Gender Equity program. When I applied to join Worldline, I was looking for an innovative and international company in which I could learn a lot of different things as an apprentice. I applied because the position enabled me to work on a lot of different subjects, in a global and technology related context. The promise has been kept as my experience at Worldline has provided me with a really nice overview of the various jobs and tasks of Human Resources and CSR in a multinational company. My integration was really well done. I was immediately included in my team but also in a network of interns and apprentices. My manager introduced me to many different people and, before I knew it, I felt part of the Worldline Group. From a professional perspective, I was trusted really quickly on several subjects. I would say that this trust and the responsibilities that have been given to me also helped me a lot for a rapid and smooth integration. I have participated in the Reverse Mentoring program which highlights the value of our young coworkers. Indeed, as a young mentor and a digital native, I had the opportunity to share my knowledge of new technologies and learn a lot from experienced colleagues. I was also part of a really nice initiative called the Corporate Games, which occurs in Annecy, France. It is a sports competition among many different companies. It was the occasion to meet colleagues from other locations and to do some networking across companies in a really appealing context. First of all, as you probably already guess by now, I like this company. Therefore, I will go over the different potential opportunities which might correspond to my profile, my capabilities, and my wishes here. It is really important for me to continue to learn things. I thus would like to start pieces of training to learn web design or/and computer engineering when I am done with my Master. I also plan to go live abroad for a third time as I really enjoyed my two international experiences. Finally, after improving my soft and hard skills, I aspire to start an entrepreneurial project linked to sustainable development and social innovation.