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Meet the women and men of Worldline – Florin Stoffel

Meet the women and men of Worldline Florin Stoffel

Florin Stoffel

Program Manager

What is your line of work? Why did you join the technology business in the first place? What motivated you?

Based in Zurich, I joined SIX Payment Services in September 2016. I was initially responsible for the reorganization of Customer Fulfillment and afterwards in charge of a team across three locations (Vienna, Zurich and Warsaw) to support the company’s 7,500 e-Commerce customers (setup and customer care). In addition, I was also involved in the integration of Aduno (the second biggest competitor in Switzerland).

Following the merger with Worldline, I was given a new role as Program Manager with 9 projects focused on the integration, harmonization and digitalization of the Merchant Services' customer services organization to be completed by 2022.

Since I was young, I’ve always been interested in technology as well as economics. After college, I therefore opted to study a combination of both Electrical Engineering and Information Technology for my bachelor degree and followed it with a Master in Management, Technology and Economics, at ETH Zurich. Throughout my studies, I was convinced that understanding technology was more and more instrumental.

I find many things motivating including, but not limited to, the dynamic business which is constantly changing, the supporting technical features, which are fascinating to me, and, last but not least, the evolution as well as its local peculiarities. All these components allow me to constantly learn and improve my knowledge in the fascinating payment industry.


What do you find more challenging in your profession?

In a big corporate culture, I find it most complex to properly understand the role, responsibilities and thereby the stakes of each of the colleagues that I’m in contact with. In order to have an efficient exchange and commonly achieve our goal, it is crucial that we clearly understand the position, role, interests of others so that we can take the most out of the exchanges. If these points were to be clarified at the beginning of each meeting and project, this would allow us to achieve our goals even faster.


What are you most proud of in your work?!

I greatly appreciate the variety of projects assigned to me so far, which has enabled me to quickly gain knowledge about the industry and the company. In addition, I could bring in my know-how from my previous work as project manager of a consulting company.


What advices would you give to achieve Work-life balance?

Everyone should find its own means for a proper work-life balance. Since these are more and less challenging times, the more important is to find a proper balance and to gain some distance from time to time in order to refill the batteries. This can be achieved for example through leisure activities such as travelling, cooking, sports or spending time with family and friends.


How has Worldline helped you to advance in your career and reach your professional goals?

We’ll see, let’s discuss this again in one year’s time. 😊

Throughout the 2.5 years at SIX Payment Services, I gained a lot of experience handling diverse projects which allowed me to get to know the payments industry in more details and take over strategic projects within quite a short time. Now in charge as a program manager within Worldline, this allows me to further grow my experience and take up additional responsibilities.