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Build and grow your career with the Internal First Program

Build and grow your career
with the Internal First Program



For the 11,000 employees of Worldline, it is always: Internal First. Over the past decade, we have grown our payment solutions business to a point where we can offer career opportunities to anyone who is hard-working and willing to contribute. Our success results from the outstanding and motivated women and men of Worldline who support our business in a number of expert and managerial roles. In our Global Business Lines, Local Business Operations and Global Shared Functions, we offer you the chance to follow a long-term career and mobility path best suited to your goals and interests. It is our committed objective to staff 80% of all career opportunities internally, ensuring plenty of opportunities for promotion and advancement for our staff members.

Based on our Internal First directive, we have established a culture that encourages personal growth, skills development and a spirit of fair competition. We are keen on bringing extraordinary people and excellent client projects together, so we can build career and growth opportunities for our people in more than 30 countries. Our Internal First program entails that everyone should be offered internal career outlooks and everyone should be able to grow, and includes the following career directions:

  • Lateral: to another role or job on the same level of job complexity or responsibility
  • Vertical: to a more complex job or one with more responsibility
  • Diagonal: to a more complex role in another job setting
  • Organizational: to a similar role but in another organizational perimeter

Often, employees may advance to positions that do not entail higher expert or managerial authority. Instead, these advancements may be a career or role change that helps employees develop themselves and grow. Employees may be promoted within the same or another department or branch.

Whereas our Internal First policy applies to every staff member of Worldline, we focus on enhanced career prospects for our three target groups:

  • Juniors: We wish to develop our young colleagues, who are joining us as trainees, interns or students. We offer various career paths for graduates in our delivery organization and shared functions. The young and forward-thinking people who join Worldline have every opportunity for professional and personal growth in an advanced and industrial business environment.
  • Experts: We are constantly looking for experts in the payment industry. We highly value technical and functional skills and are keen to provide a balanced career outlook and employability to our best-in-class co-workers.
  • Women: Aligned with our Gender Equity program, we establish fair and equal career opportunities for both the female and male staff of Worldline. Being an equal opportunity employer, we are seeking to provide enough senior expertise and leadership positions for all our employees. We value diversity at our company.

If you flourish with the possibilities available in an organization that rewards hard work, dedication and commitment, then you are the person we want. Join our Worldline team and experience it for yourself. Find your future here, enabling the cashless society.