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Meet the women and men of Worldline - Alan Taylor

Meet the women and men of Worldline
Alan Taylor

Alan Taylor

Sales Director Merchant Payment Services at Worldline UK&I

What is your line of work? Why did you join the technology business in the first place? What motivated you?

I work within the Merchant Payments Services team within Worldline’s Merchant Services. I specialize in payment solutions for both face-to-face and CNP transactions, including the design and set up of bespoke fraud solutions. This also encompasses the full end-to-end processing, including acquiring and settlement of transactions. My career started in the Cash Register and EPoS (editor’s note: electronic point of sale) industry back in the early 90’s. I started in an engineering role and moved into software development writing batch scripts, later moving into a project management role integrating an early version of DOS based credit card payments with the first PC based EPoS systems.

My career has been spent working with and for technology companies and providing services to end clients. In the early 00’s, I moved industries into Mobile Phone Top Up’s delivering the first ever electronically delivered Mobile Phone Top Up Voucher for T-Mobile in the UK.

I was asked to join Worldline in 2008 due to my transaction processing background and started my journey leading the solution team based in Cannock.

I worked with the solution team delivering many successful projects and personally delivering many with our Sips Payment platform, later moving into a Product Management role for UK Payments and now heading up the UK Payment Sales.


What do you find more challenging in your profession?

One of the challenges with the business is dealing with complicated opportunities which require working with multiple business units across our organization. It can be both challenging and rewarding to work with multiple teams across different geographies, working together to achieve a common goal for Worldline. It requires tenacity and a never give-up attitude. Any given opportunity can be a top priority for me but it may not always be one for them. In the end, our primary goal is to ensure that we deliver on our common objectives as we all work for the same company.

What are you most proud of in your work?

Recently I am most proud of the successful won opportunity with Tiffany & Co. Tiffany required a payment solution for their concept store in Covent Garden, with the ability to take unattended payments of over £30. The VALINA was the perfect answer for them. With the assistance of both the UK and Belgium teams working together, as well as third-party companies, we delivered the project successfully and seamlessly. Tiffany was the first client to successfully go live in the UK with the VALINA.


What advices would you give to achieve Work-life balance?

Working remotely can greatly assist in gaining a work life balance, saving hours of travelling time, enabling more time to focus on work, whilst having the benefit of being flexible with working hours. When I first joined Worldline, it took me 2.5 hours to get to the office and I used to do 2 or 3 times a week – it was difficult for a while. Having the ability to work 2 or 3 days a week at home is an amazing benefit. We have a fantastic structure as a company to support our people. If there is a problem (personal, health), Worldline gives them the needed flexibility and the catch-up can be done later.


How has Worldline helped you to advance in your career and reach your professional goals?

Worldline and more importantly the UK Management team have provided me with the guidance and support I have required to enable myself to progress and grow as an individual, progressing though my career to achieve my goals and aspirations and leading me on my continuing path to reach my potential.