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Meet the women and men of Worldline – Suchita Parab

Meet the women and men of Worldline
Suchita Parab

Suchita Parab

Deputy General Manager Business - Financial Services at Worldline India

What is your line of work? Why did you join the technology business in the first place? What motivated you?

I am part of the Financial Services Business Line in Mumbai as a DGM and I have been working for Worldline India since 2008. I currently manage key customers such as Bajaj Finserv, Bank of India and Union Bank of India. Within this scope, my current key assignments are: upselling/cross selling Worldline’s new solutions, agreements renewals and customer satisfaction (CSAT), just to name a few.

I joined the company before Worldline acquired Venture InfoTech, the leading independent player in the Indian payments market in 2010. When I started my career at Worldline, the payments industry was totally new to me, although I was skilled in customer relationship management and business development. However, I have gradually developed a growing interest towards payments after having understood the associated business processes, the challenges involved and its growth opportunities.

I believe that no matter the size of the company, technology has both tangible and intangible benefits that will help companies make money and achieve the results needed to meet customers’ expectations. Technological infrastructures impact the culture, the efficiency and the relationships of a business. I believe that I can continue to improve my skills and my effectiveness in the technology business, and also learn a lot from the people I interact with and who have different skills and backgrounds.

My main sources of motivation are my passion for work, the regular challenges I meet while dealing with clients, the support I get from senior colleagues and a continuous learning experience.


What do you find more challenging in your profession?

I believe that countering competition is the biggest challenge related to my profession and also consistently meeting goals.


What are you most proud of in your work?

I feel proud when my personal goals and achievements help to achieve our company’s goals. I also feel satisfied when I get to learn new things and when I meet the targeted deadlines through full involvement and determination.


What advices would you give to achieve work-life balance?

I am truly convinced that working provides several benefits. For example:

  • it keeps us busy, challenges us and gives us the means to develop ourselves;
  • it gives us a sense of pride, identity and personal achievement;
  • it enables us to socialize, to build a network and to find the support we need;
  • it provides financial independence.

The advices I can give for work-life balance are:

  • Having support from your family;
  • Prioritizing your work tasks by identifying the most urgent tasks for the day and allocating sufficient time to complete them;
  • Structuring your time at work;
  • Having breaks during the weekends;
  • Making use of annual holidays to recharge;
  • Working from home;
  • Leveraging technology to work smart (i.e.: download emails on your mobile phone to facilitate rapid access to important/urgent requests);
  • A more positive perception of you as an employer.


How has Worldline helped you to advance in your career and reach your professional goals?

Worldline has played a key role in my personal and professional growth. Thanks to Worldline, I have learned to meet challenges, to value customers’ expectations, to meet deadlines and to have a go-getter attitude.