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The e-Payments Booster Program: empowering Fintechs and Start-ups

The e-Payments Booster Program:
Empowering Fintechs and Start-ups

Michael Petiot

Head of Alliances and Partnerships at Worldline

Worldline launched its e-Payments Booster Program during its 2019 e-Payments Challenge. It is an initiative launched targeting Start-ups and Fintechs wanting to accelerate their business through payment services. Its aim is to facilitate these actors’ access to Worldline’s payment platforms and APIs. This program is part of a wider initiative to better engage with the Start-up and Fintech ecosystem, which includes the e-Payments Challenge Hackathon, based on co-innovation. 

Worldline wants to facilitate the access of Fintechs and Start-ups to its services through different levers. The first one is with a simple onboarding process and APIs so they can easily test our solutions. Then, they go through a simple factual process from the time they apply to the program until the production phase. This includes a second dimension, an access to a wider range of payment functionalities. Some actors already offer some functionalities and packaged services to Start-ups. Worldline brings a wider range of payment needs and Fintechs and Start-ups choose the ones they need for their scope. The third element Worldline offers is local service, contact and support. The program was first launched in a handful of European countries, in cities where Worldline is present and therefore able to provide good local support. This applies to Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands, France, Germany, Switzerland and Austria. Finally, Worldline offers them specific pricing conditions such as 6 months of free transactions for the 25 first Fintechs that join the program, enabling them to have time to grow their business, to test Worldline’s services, to monetize their services without the burden of specific fees and project setup. 

image Marc-Henri Desportes

To be part of this e-Payments Booster Program, they only need to apply online. This is a great opportunity for Start-ups and Fintechs as Worldline is a compliant and secured player. They can rely on Worldline as a solid partner. Beyond this program, Worldline aims to develop partnerships, teaming up with Fintechs. In some cases, the business of some Fintechs can be close to that of Worldline. Indeed, the first Fintech to join the program, PayTweak, is one of our partners and customer now.