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Taking Fintechs and start-ups to the next level

Taking Fintechs and start-ups
to the next level



For those outside our industry, the world of digital payments and transactions can be a confusing and at times challenging place. To help fast-growing Fintechs and start-ups enjoy all the benefits of online payments with none of the complexity, Worldline has launched an ambitious and far-reaching e-Payments Booster Program.

By plugging into the e-Payments Booster Program, small Fintechs can use the APIs available on Worldline’s developer portal to incorporate a huge range of online payment methods and functionalities, allowing them to concentrate on what really matters: growing and scaling their business.

With full regulatory compliance and reliable local support, the program provides Fintechs with a unique opportunity to scale up and accelerate their business to the next level. Furthermore, it supports their emerging business with attractive pricing, as the first 25 Fintechs and start-ups joining the program will be offered up to 10,000 transactions totally free for the first six months.



Joining the e-Payments Booster Program and connecting to the largest Payments Platform in Europe could not be easier.

If your company has fewer than 40 full-time employees and meets the eligibility rules, just apply online to follow the simple onboarding process. It takes just a few minutes to test the APIs to make connecting to Worldline’s platform easy. You will go through a simple factual process from the time you apply to the program until you integrate online payments into your business. At all times you can rely on local contact and service in many major European markets and the support and expertise of 11,000 people worldwide.

When you are ready to go live, just choose the payment options you need, sign the contract and start accepting payments online!

Worldline offers start-ups access to a wide range of payment methods, functionalities and channels. Booster Program joiners enjoy full flexibility to choose the specific services that they need to ramp up their business.

Leveraging its extensive international reach and expertise, Worldline can manage transactions in multiple currencies and payment channels, freeing up its start-up partners to focus on the more important job of developing their businesses. Whether a participant wants to accept e-payments in just one geography or expand into new markets with Dynamic Currency Conversion, the program is designed to meet the fast-changing needs of Fintechs across all stages of growth.

For Worldline, online payments will only be the first step in the e-Payments Booster Program. In the future, joiners will benefit from fast-lane access to an even wider range of payment functionalities, including Acquiring, Card Issuing and cutting-edge Third-Party Provider (TPP) services.

Worldline intends to use the initiative as a springboard to develop long-lasting partnerships with ambitious Fintechs and start-ups. Paytweak, the very first joiner in the program, is already enjoying rapid growth alongside Worldline as a valued customer and partner.

As a strong believer in open innovation, Worldline works closely with start-ups across multiple sectors. It understands that fast-growing young companies need to focus their time and energy on scaling their services, not on managing the complexities of online transactions.

Freeing Fintechs and start-ups from the burdens of specific fees and project setup costs, Worldline’s e-Payments Booster Program empowers a new generation of businesses and will help accelerate them on their journey towards scale, success and profitable growth.