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How to win your customers’ hearts this Valentine’s Day

How to win your customers’ hearts
this Valentine’s Day



How to win your customers’ hearts this Valentine’s Day

While it breaks our hearts a little, we have to concede that payment is the least romantic part of the purchase process. 

Whether you have had your engagement rings fitted, spent the evening gazing into each other’s eyes over oysters and champagne, or just selected a nice box of chocolates, settling the bill can be a little … anticlimactic. Worse: any hiccups, such as your card being declined, could really ruin the day.

That’s one of the reasons why, as a merchant, you want to make the payment process as frictionless and pleasant as possible. And as the passionate payment aficionados we are here at Worldline, we know that payment can also be a way to customers’ hearts. 

Whether it is in-store or online, your payment system can be a trusted wingman when you set out to court your Valentine’s Day shoppers. Here are three ways to help customers stay out of the doghouse and develop a long-lasting love affair with your brand.


Make checkout sweet

Valentine’s Day is rainy this year, but David and Victoria couldn’t be happier as they stroll down the streets in search of matching pyjamas for their snuggly evenings at home. As they enter the always-busy Poshbeck store, they spot an endless checkout line and are instantly discouraged. “I can’t think of anything less romantic!” David grumbles as they turn on their heels. Right across the street, they discover your newly opened store and decide to take a peek. The shop is busy, but the checkout points aren’t. And they quickly learn why: a friendly sales associate not only helps them find the perfect pyjamas, but takes their payment right then and there with a mobile device, so that David and Victoria can head home for some extra snuggle time.

Your customers want to spend their time in-store shopping, not waiting to pay. That’s why we have created YUMI, a portable omnichannel device which enables on-the-spot purchases on the shop floor (among many other features). 

YUMI embraces the online world and brings it to your store, achieving the seamless omnichannel experiences that today’s shoppers expect. It also fosters intimacy with your customers by capturing data through personalized one-on-one experiences, or even connected experiences across channels.

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Embrace the payment methods they adore

In Buenos Aires, Lionel is excitedly looking forward to his first “Día de los Enamorados” with Antonella, whom he met at a barbecue party last summer. He is very much in love and has spent long evenings browsing the internet in search of the perfect Valentine’s Day gift. Finally, just in time to receive it for the big day, he finds a bonsai tree that he knows his tree-hugging girl will love. But when he is ready to pay, his heart sinks: the site only accepts international credit cards, and like the majority of his countrymen, Lionel does not have one. To his great relief, a quick Google search for another place to buy the bonsai brings him to your e-store, where his local card is accepted without any fuss. Antonella will be so delighted!

In your home country, Visa, MasterCard and maybe PayPal might be all you need to keep shoppers happy. But, in many international markets, payment habits and preferences are vastly different. In many cases, shoppers will not even be able to pay you if you don’t offer additional payment methods, no matter how much they might want to.

For example, only one in three Latin Americans own a credit card. And in certain countries, like Argentina and Brazil, the majority of those cards are only enabled for domestic use. If you are serving Latin American shoppers only via international credit card networks, nearly 70 % of the total local e-commerce spend will simply not be accessible to you. 

Worldline offers you access to more than 200 different global payment methods and transaction currencies, so that you can give your shoppers a truly local experience no matter where they are. 

(Disclaimer: our portfolio does not yet include hugs and compliments — but if enough merchants are interested, who knows?)

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Save the day with endless aisle

If you were thinking that her recent break-up with her boyfriend would keep Paris from celebrating Valentine’s Day this year, think again. Like one in five of her fellow Americans, she is determined to take the opportunity to spoil her beloved bulldog Peter Pan rotten. A regular customer, she cheerfully greets the staff as she enters your store to purchase a beautiful collar she has been eyeing for a while. But her usually so dazzling smile quickly fades when she discovers that you do not have it in Peter Pan’s size. What to do? Endless aisle to the rescue. Browsing your virtual shelves in the in-store kiosk, Paris easily finds and orders the coveted collar (and on the kiosk’s suggestion, adds an irresistibly cute dog hat to her order). Order confirmed and paid, everything will be delivered to her home well in time for her puppy love’s Valentine’s Day party.

Enabling in-store customers to digitally browse and order unavailable products, and have them shipped either to the store or their home, bridges the divide between your physical and digital stores. As a merchant, this means that you can satisfy your customers with a much broader product assortment than would otherwise be possible.

But endless aisle is only one of the many different services that omnichannel payment enables. As a merchant, a truly omnichannel payment platform such as our WL One Commerce Hub helps you engage and delight with seamless payment experiences across channels, countries and devices. 

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Do we have you convinced that your payment processing systems can help Valentine’s Day shoppers (and other shoppers year-round) fall in love with your business and your brand?

Worldline’s unique combination of payment, digital and transactional expertise allows you to enhance the customer experience both online and in-store. We cover the full retail value chain through a complete approach, delivering seamless services, on any device – with payment at the heart of the shopping experience.

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