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NextCare, a project focused on integrated services for chronic patients with a personalized medicine base

NextCare, a project focused on integrated services for chronic patients with a personalized medicine base

Vanessa Clemente

Business Developer MTS, Worldline Iberia


Worldline, through its participation in the NextCare project, has developed Health Circuit, a telemedicine application that connects patients with medical professionals, with the aim of improving access to health services and promoting continuity of care. 

The NextCare project has the support of the Agency for Business Competitiveness of Generalitat of Catalonia, ACCIÓ, and is co-financed by the European Union within the framework of the FEDER operational program of Catalonia 2014-2020.


What are the market drivers for Telemedicine?

The rapid increase in life expectancy, and the consequent aging of the population, linked to the prevalence of certain chronic diseases related to age, is one of today’s greatest challenges. The role of technological and medical advances is the opportunity to address current issues through the implementation of tools that facilitate communications between patients and professionals, remote monitoring through video consultations and cost savings by reducing unnecessary admissions and readmissions.


Our Solution

Worldline’s Health Circuit is an intelligent and personalized patient health management solution that aims not only to act as a first point of consultation for all patients within the healthcare system but also to improve the continued care of chronic patients by providing a communicative tool through which users can be in contact with their healthcare providesr and report any type of symptoms they are experiencing.   


On the one side, patients can report any type of symptoms they are experiencing, indicating intensity and time since it appeared. Additional details can be added by voice or text message. All requests are sent to the healthcare provider, so queries can be reviewed and evaluated for urgency level. The medical specialist in charge of attending the requests can get in contact with the patients to provide appropriate guidance by texts, calls or video callbacks.

On the other side, healthcare providers can also initiate conversations with patients, without the need of having an event triggered, mainly for follow-up or preventive care purposes.

Health Circuit was tested as pilot, and validated, by users from the Barcelona Hospital Clínic, which was established more than 100 years ago and is a public reference health center in Catalonia.