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Worldline, a Great (Argentinian) Place To Work

a Great (Argentinian) Place To Work



Successfully attracting, integrating, motivating and developing the best talented people in the area of digital technologies is one of the most important levers for Worldline to consistently reach business excellence and to solve complex challenges. To reach its ambition of being a responsible employer, Worldline has designed the Wellbeing@Worldline program that reflects the priority placed on its employees. Indeed, Worldline believes that providing a positive and safe working environment, a healthy work-life balance and the right conditions for the development of skills and talents is key for its long-term performance.


At Worldline, we are convinced that the expertise and engagement of our people enable us to innovate and create sustainable value for our customers and our local communities. This is the reason why, as part of our TRUST 2020 Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) ambition, we committed to achieve 60% of employee satisfaction assessed through the regular annual survey of the Great Place to Work® Institute launched in 2014. In that context, we strive to become a Great Place to Work wherever we operate by providing a secure working environment that entails no discrimination.


In 2019, we were proud to celebrate Worldline Argentina as the first Worldline entity to have been recognized in the local GPTW Palmares as one of the greatest best place to work in Argentina. 


We would like to highlight the importance of the GPTW award not because of the award itself but as recognition of the hard work performed by our managers and employees, who are fully involved in this process. The GPTW survey has enabled a real cultural change.  As a Company, we strive to really listen to our employees, in this sense we feel our people are really listened to, and we set up different initiatives to meet this objective such as Town Hall Meetings lead by our local CEO and the Top Management, which take place twice a year to inform on business progress, financial results, objectives and to share our overall vision. We have also deployed numerous initiatives improving employees’ work-life balance, the recognition of individuals and teams and favoring a benevolent and friendly atmosphere.” says Mariela Luciana Codicetti, Human Resources Director for Worldline Argentina.


Discover more about the Wellbeing@Worldline approach in Argentina in this video