Worldline enables the secure forgery-proof signature of Adobe e-documents

Adobe is an important American company with a global reputation and reach that notably invented and democratized the PDF format. Its business model is to offer Cloud-based solutions and products for its three divisions: Marketing Cloud, Creative Cloud (including the very popular Photoshop tool) and Document Cloud. The latter division, with whom we are working, offers tools such as Acrobat.

The long and winding road to non-cash

It is only a five-and-a-half-hour ferry journey from Rostock in northern Germany to the southern Swedish coast, or about five hours by car from Hamburg. In terms of payments culture, however, the two countries are worlds apart. Swedes use cash for fewer than 20% of all retail payments. In Germany, cash is used in about 74% of shopping transactions. While Germans hold on average €103 in cash in their wallets, Swedes now even use the popular payment app Swish to give money to buskers, beggars and churches.

The customer relationship, a complex real-time “algorithm”

CRM (aka Customer Relationship Management) is principally used to collect customer data in order for a brand to be relevant when it comes to selling products and services. One of the main goals of CRM is to facilitate the customer relationship: gather customer knowledge during each interaction while, at the same time, identifying them in a seamless and integrated manner through their mobile phone number at the call center, for example.