Worldline’s insights on transit and Open Payment from the Visa Ready Summit

Worldline’s Arnaud Bourboulon participated to the “Visa Ready Summit”, an event for clients and industry leaders in the digital payments area to discuss innovations and emerging opportunities. Below is the transcript of his interview during which he shared Worldline’s insights on why the industry is changing, where it is moving, the scope of Open Payment and, last but not least, recommendations for operators on how to benefit from the changing market trends.

Reinvent your future with the promise of Artificial Intelligence

Wave goodbye to the Mobile-First era. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is now all the rage. AI will soon spread everywhere: from mobile apps becoming smarter and smarter, through objects with distributed AI, to data analytics that goes far beyond predictive capabilities. Every company in every industry is under pressure to figure out how the magic of AI will disrupt its business.

Data protection in the physical world

The GDPR is a harmonization of 28 national regulations relating to data protection, regulations dating back more than twenty years and no longer efficient in the face of multiple evolutions such as the rise of security breaches and the arrival of disruptive technologies. This regulation defines the standards in terms of the management, the security and the sharing of the EU citizens’ personal data.

Empowering bank customers in the fight against fraud

The banking environment is evolving rapidly and banks are facing multiple challenges from different sources. Among these sources are regulations and, in particular, European regulations such as the PSD2. Indeed, last December, the EBA published its official guidelines on the security measures for operational and security risks of payment services under the PSD2 and these guidelines went into effect on January 13th of this year.

ID-based ticketing, the next revolution in transport

The world moves faster and faster towards instantaneous one to one gratification, simplification of processes, time saving products but all with intimate personal service. We aspire to deliver more and more to human wants over basic needs. To deliver to our wants, we have to be able to identify each and every human. Take a look at your smart phones, it knows you. It allows your face to open the phone, download apps, pay bills. It is unique.