5G opportunities for the telecommunication market

Every day, more and more devices are actively communicating with each other, and simple upgrades of current networks are no longer enough to support continuously increasing traffic. 4G is reaching the technical limits of how much data it can transfer. 5G offers a possible solution plus a range of new opportunities, but the shift will be expensive. Telecom operators who choose to build new small or macro cells will face dramatically increased network costs. Read on to find out more.

The e-Payments Booster Program: empowering Fintechs and Start-ups

Worldline launched its e-Payments Booster Program during its 2019 e-Payments Challenge. It is an initiative launched targeting Start-ups and Fintechs wanting to accelerate their business through payment services. This program is part of a wider initiative to better engage with the Start-up and Fintech ecosystem, which includes the e-Payments Challenge Hackathon, based on co-innovation. Discover it with this article.