The customer relationship, a complex real-time “algorithm”

CRM (aka Customer Relationship Management) is principally used to collect customer data in order for a brand to be relevant when it comes to selling products and services. One of the main goals of CRM is to facilitate the customer relationship: gather customer knowledge during each interaction while, at the same time, identifying them in a seamless and integrated manner through their mobile phone number at the call center, for example.

Worldline to unveil two new innovative IoT solutions at the 2018 Mobile World Congress

We will unveil two new IoT POCs (Proofs of Concept) there. The first one illustrates the convergence of IoT and payments through a Siemens coffee machine controlled by our latest Point-of-Sale (POS) terminal, VALINA. Developed on Android to secure IoT payments, this demonstrates that any object can be transformed into a connected one. The POS terminal is also used as a gateway between the coffee machine and a Facebook messenger chatbot. The end-user can either order his/her favorite coffee through the payment terminal interface or via the social bot on his/her mobile phone.

Be ready for the GDPR

The Global Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is the most important change in terms of data privacy regulation in 20 years and it will come into force on May, 25th 2018. It focuses on data subjects’ individual rights and transparency related to data usage. Michael Mingers, Worldline’s Global Data Protection Officer, sat down with us to talk about this European law, its impacts and what Worldline is doing internally and for its clients in this context.

Blockchain, beyond the buzz

Blockchain has been the talk of the town for a while now but what is it really? Let’s start by saying what it is not… Blockchain is not just about Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies or even just financial services. Of course, these are the most commonly-known applications of this technology but Blockchain is capable of a lot more and can be applied to a wide variety of verticals. Nicolas Kozakiewicz goes behind the buzzword to explain what is the Blockchain technology and how Worldline integrates it in its innovations.

The right balance between customer experience and the fight against fraud

Since online purchases really took off in the last few years and strong authentication was put in place through the 2006 launch of the EMV, fraud has moved from physical stores to e-Commerce. In this context, retailers must strike the right balance between their customers’ experience and their fight against fraud. We discussed this matter with Vincent Bibonne as well as our anti-fraud expertise and solutions.