Our Expert Community, a genuine catalyst for innovation

Worldline officially launched its Expert Community, with a pilot in France, in 2013 with 100 technical experts at that time. Through this Expert Community, Worldline aims to spread the expertise within its organization by fostering knowledge and know-how sharing and by valuing and recognizing its technical talents by enabling them to evolve in their areas of expertise.

The 3 key assets of Worldline’s Human Resources strategy that make the difference

In our fast-changing, competitive and innovation-driven industry, our ability to attract, develop and retain the best talents is a key success factor in Worldline’s ambitious development strategy. As a result, our Human Resources strategy relies on three main differentiating assets that have been consolidated throughout a 45-year history of growth and innovation and that are at the core of our DNA.

Join the leader in payments and digital services!

Worldline employs 9,400 people across the globe. During our Investor Day on 3rd October 2017, we announced that we were raising our 2017-2019 targets, hence showing the Group’s positive development during the last three years and the increase of its business following its recent acquisitions (Digital River World Payments, First Data Baltics and MRL PosNet). Worldline is therefore banking on the recruitment of more than 1,500 new colleagues around the world to support its development plan and its growth.

Meet Zanda Brivule-Jansone, CEO of Worldline Baltics, and discover her passion for payments and more

Zanda Brivule-Jansone has devoted her entire 20-year professional career to the payments cards industry, with the last 10 years at the helm of First Data Baltics, now known as Worldline Baltics. In this role, she developed partnerships and nearshoring opportunities in the Nordics. Under Zanda’s leadership, Worldline Baltics has become the most professional and reliable payment card services provider in the Baltic countries, covering the whole card payments value chain.

Worldline expands its people's professional horizons

Internal mobility, a key part of our HR strategy, is a career’s development tool, which grants more flexibility to teams, enabling them to remain in motion for the well-being of team members and companies alike. Laurence Poilfoulot and Laurette Vandenplas discuss internal mobility and present Worldline’s HR initiatives on this matter.