Enhancing EVC customer experience and EV adoption

The UK Electric Vehicle market is growing fast. However there are obstacles at the moment including delays in infrastructure and EV charging (EVC) points investment, which is denting consumer confidence and overall EV adoption. There will be a tipping point for the EVC sector over the next few years and EVC customers need choice in payment methods, whether mobile or card, or machine device. Payment technology players such as Worldline are bringing the technology to increase choice, remove market friction, encourage and enable collaboration across the EVC market.

Key steps for a successful onboarding process

Customers expect a fast and seamless digital experience from companies. Every generation has greater digital expectations than the previous. Some will expect the opening of a bank account to be as simple as opening a social media account. How do we manage prioviding companies a 5-minute onboarding process, with a top guarantee of security, a fast integration to their systems? Read the answerfrom our expert in this article.