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Our ranking in the Ovum Decision Matrix

Our ranking in the Ovum Decision Matrix 

Reiner Wergen

Market Support & Competitive Intelligence for Financial Services

Our activities include software licensing; can you tell us more about this part of our business?

Worldline has a substantial history in software licensing, having been in this business across Asia Pacific and Europe since the 80s. Local solutions had already been developed in Germany, France, Spain and APAC when we released, in 2004, the first iteration of our Worldline Pay solution combining Acquiring, Switching and Authorization solutions that were historically developed and sold separately. Subsequently, we continued our year-on-year investments in this solution to further develop key components such as Issuing Back-Office, Real-time Fraud Detection, Fraud Investigation and Case Management, and Mobile Payments, amongst others.

Some of our software licensing solutions were recently graded in the Ovum Decision Matrix on Card Management System Platforms. What is Ovum and how is this decision matrix established?

Indeed, we did contribute to the Ovum Decision Matrix this summer. It is our strong belief that contributing to vendor analyses is essential to grow software platforms’ recognition.

Ovum is a global renowned business analyst that focuses in payments. They provide key insights on market data and developments, technological evolutions and industry trends. Their well-established Decision Matrix provides comparisons of industry-relevant vendor solutions. This report is built using formal Request of Information questionnaires, clients’ feedbacks, product demonstrations and briefing sessions.

Ovum defines Card Management Systems as software platforms for issuing, including card management, account and dispute management, for example, for commodity processing, including switching, routing, authorization, clearing and settlement, and for acquiring, including merchant services and security management, amongst others.

We participated in this year’s Decision Matrix with three of our payment solutions: ASCCEND, Cardlink II and Worldline Pay.

How did our solutions perform in this analysis?

First of all, we are proud of the result because Worldline has been identified as the vendor with the most extensive and flexible deployment model for licensing, hosting, application management and business processing outsourcing. According to Ovum, this flexibility could become a more commonly-used approach in the payment industry in the future.

ASCCEND and Cardlink II were both rated as market challengers and should be considered for shortlisting, particularly in the APAC region, according to the Decision Matrix. ASCCEND was evaluated for its best practices in terms of modularity and stand-alone functionality and Cardlink II for its large-scale deployments, one of which includes the management of 95 million cards.

Finally, WL Pay was assessed as a Market leader, which should be strongly considered for shortlisting for any CMS selection, based on its strong focus on parameterization, flexibility and self-customization, as well as its capability to expand globally.

Speaking of WL Pay, can you tell us more about this solution and its main features?

WL Pay is our modern end-to-end payment platform specialized in acquiring, switching and authorization for retail payments. It can process POS, ATMS, e-Commerce and m-Commerce transactions. Additionally, it manages the full card product life-cycle and transactions clearing and settlement for debit, credit and prepaid cards. WL Pay also embarks real-time fraud detection as well as fraud investigation and case management to deal with disputes. Finally, this solution supports emerging technologies such as e-wallets, mobile NFC payments with HCE and tokenization.

Today, WL Pay has grown into a global solution and is being promoted in Europe, Latin America and Asia Pacific. In APAC, we specifically market the front-office and fraud management aspects of the solution as complementary solutions to ASCCEND and Cardlink II clients.


Thank you for your time today, Reiner. I will leave you with one final question: if you could invent a new innovative solution to help with one of your daily tasks, in your professional and/or private life, what would it be and why?

Ideally, it would be a device similar to the neuralyzer used in the movie Men in Black, not to erase memories, but to end racism, hate and violence.