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Innovation at the heart of Worldline

Innovation at the heart of Worldline



In our ongoing series about our Corporate Social Responsibility, we give you a detailed view of the different axes of our report. In this article, we look at how innovation is central to everything we do.

Backed by 350 R&D engineers, we also encourage the rest of our employees, who tend to be "tekkies" or "business innovators", to actively share their innovative ideas about new solutions and applications, in order to help drive our innovative processes. But we also look outward to foster innovation, through partnerships and networking, for example.

Our approach to innovation is pragmatic and it enables us to convert disruptive breakthroughs into large-scale reality at the European and global level, such as connected electricity metering in France, fully connected vehicles for Renault and the new fully digital customer experience for McDonald’s in France.

Innovation is inherently in our DNA and our two core axes are:

  • Our Connected Living innovations:
    With these, we aim to make homes, and life in general, increasingly convenient and comfortable. These solutions include Connected Home, in partnership with SOMFY, the leader in connected home devices, Connected Kitchen and Connected Car services.
  • Our security and trust solutions:
    Our focus is to bring to market “usable” technologies and that also applies to security and trust in the payments industry. Our NFC mobile payment solution, which is a digital wallet relying on Host Card Emulation (HCE), securely stores users' banking data and allows them to use their smartphones for contactless payments in physical stores. Our Certified Customer Review solutions increase the trustworthiness of online consumer reviews, which are important for merchants, via an app that links a proof of purchase made by smartphone to a certified review.

Our innovative solutions have been recognized with multiple awards, such as France’s first Connected Objects award, the 2014 PayForum award and the prestigious SESAMES award from the CARTES trade event, for example.