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Our innovations in action in a supermarket

Our innovations in action in a supermarket



Interview with Nicolas Kozakiewicz

Nicolas Kozakiewicz is Head of R&D and Innovation at Worldline.


Interview with Santi Ristol

Santi Ristol is Head of Mobility & e-Transactional Services at Worldline Iberia.


Worldline has participated in the Mobile World Congress, in Barcelona, for many years now. Can you tell us more about this event and its strategic importance for our Company?


The Mobile World Congress is a global event and is probably the biggest worldwide event around mobile solutions. When it started ten years ago, it was more focused on telecommunications and operators. For the last few years, it has opened up to more industries and more sectors making it the ideal place for Worldline to showcase our solutions and our innovations but also to help us in staying informed about evolutions and innovations from other suppliers in other sectors.


The Mobile World Congress is also the event for all the actors, involved in and around the mobile and the digital industries, to be together in the same location, to showcase their new products and to keep appraised on new upcoming technologies. It is therefore, in my opinion, the biggest crossroad, in Europe, for the mobile industry.

We participated once again to the Mobile World Capital Barcelona Mobile Ready Initiative. What is the concept behind this initiative and how did we participate this year?


This initiative started in 2014 with the goal of bringing mobile technologies to the city center. In order to do that, they use real places to showcase these technologies.

In 2014, the focus was around shopping and Worldline brought some of its solutions to a Geox shop. Last year, the theme was smart destinations and our solutions were showcased at the Barcelona airport and in a city center hotel. This year, the focus was wider and Worldline brought its innovations to a Veritas supermarket in the city center.


Santi, from a business point of view, what makes our participation to this initiative a key part of our strategy?

The Mobile Ready Initiative is a good alternative to showcase our expertise in a context that speaks to consumers, in parallel to our booth and our demonstrations at the Mobile World Congress. Moreover, it is an opportunity to demonstrate our capabilities along a real customer journey in a concrete way.

Nicolas, from a R&D point of view, what makes our participation to this initiative a key part of our strategy?

I agree with what Santi said. It is the perfect occasion for us to showcase our solutions and our innovations in a real-life environment. This is an advantage as some companies try to replicate customer journeys and use cases on their booths at the Mobile World Congress and it can prove technically hard to achieve.

Nicolas, what demos did we showcase for this initiative?

We showcased an end-to-end customer journey within a supermarket. We covered three key parts of this customer journey:

  • Easily creating a shopping list with WL Connected Kitchen, before going to the supermarket;
  • Smart sorting of the shopping list based on your location in the supermarket with WL Smart Shopping List;
  • And secured and easy payment with WL Zero Effort Payment.


What are your expectations in terms of returns from this participation in the Mobile Ready Initiative?


Beyond being able to demonstrate that we can easily deploy these demos in a real-life environment, it is the feedbacks that we will get on this particular customer journey and on our demos. Additionally, it is to show to end customers and business customers that the retail experience, in the near future, will be able to evolve fast and to become more and more seamless and efficient.


From a business standpoint, it is to validate with a business client, Veritas in this case, this customer journey pilot and to take it to a full blown deployment. Other potential clients will also experience this customer journey in the Veritas supermarket so the goal is to convince them that they can adopt these types of solutions in order to digitalize the experience in their stores.

Thank you for your time today. I will leave you with one final question: if you could invent a new innovative solution to help with one of your daily tasks, in your professional and/or private life, what would it be and why?


Immediate and infinite transportation so that I could de-integrate and reintegrate wherever and whenever I want.


A digital assistant that could make decisions in my place so that I could have more time for other more important tasks in my daily life.