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“TRUST 2020”: Great results a year after its launch!

“TRUST 2020”
Great results a year after its launch!

Sébastien Mandron

Corporate Social Responsibility Officer

In 2016, Worldline strengthened its commitment to sustainable development by launching its TRUST 2020 program to promote CSR transformation across its organization. This long-term commitment, strongly backed by Worldline’s General Management, aims at positioning trust at the heart of Worldline’s business and ecosystem. In just one year, Worldline has already made significant advancements on its CSR journey.


How would you assess this first year progress toward our TRUST 2020 CSR commitments?

After setting some ambitious objectives through our TRUST 2020 program, we have already succeeded in achieving some significant progress as measured by the 14 concrete Key Performance Indicators related to our CSR main challenges in the areas of availability of services, sustainable innovation, customer satisfaction, security, data protection, talent attractiveness, responsible procurement and environment.

During the past months, those achievements have been widely recognized and rewarded by independent extra-financial rating agencies including MSCI and oekom research AG, thus reinforcing Worldline’s position as a CSR leader in its industry.

The first concrete and promising results achieved as part of our TRUST 2020 roadmap clearly strengthen the credibility of Worldline’s CSR approach and reflect the momentum of continuous progress in which our company is engaged. It is a good start that gives us a solid stability and the adequate level of maturity to move towards our CSR long-term goals, thus creating sustainable value for all our stakeholders. 


What are the major achievements that demonstrate Worldline’s strong mobilization to reach its TRUST 2020 targets?

From a global perspective, we have been awarded, for the second year in a row, the Gold recognition level by the independent extra-financial assessor EcoVadis for our strong CSR performance and our long-term commitment to sustainable development, thus reaching our TRUST 2020 target 4 years earlier than expected. With an overall score of 76/100 on the EcoVadis evaluation in 2017, Worldline has made great progress compared to the previous year (+12 points) and outperformed its 10-points increase target. With this impressive result, Worldline joins the very restricted TOP 1% of the best sustainable companies assessed by EcoVadis in all categories.

Regarding the environment, we also achieved our TRUST 2020 climate change goal by offsetting 100% of the carbon emissions from our payment terminals lifecycle and from our data centers, thus reducing Worldline’s global environmental footprint.

From a social perspective, our efforts and actions in making Worldline a great place to work have been encouraged by a significant increase of our employees’ overall satisfaction rate in the Great Place To Work® survey. In the area of talent attractiveness, we also obtained the “Happy Trainees” label that reinforces our employer brand.

Finally, regarding our business-related CSR long-term commitments, we have made substantial progress in the areas of overall customer satisfaction and revenue generated through solutions contributing to social and environmental progress, which brings us closer to our TRUST 2020 targets.


Buildling on these first successes, what are the key action levers for Worldline in 2017 to further drive progress towards its TRUST 2020 ambition?

These first great results encourage us to step up our efforts and implement all the necessary action plans and innovative CSR initiatives in line with the new market trends to accelerate this momentum and progress further toward our 2020 targets in all areas.

As an example, we have recently launched our Gender Equity program, which represents a key milestone in order to achieve our TRUST 2020 objective to reduce the female capital gap to 0 within the company. This ambitious program aims to ensure fairness, transparency and equality of treatment between genders in terms of recognition and promotion, especially with a balanced access to wider responsibilities and managerial positions. Led by a Diversity Steering Committee composed of Top Management members, this program relies on three main streams:

The Diversity stream: to create awareness, to develop women’s professional networks and to deliver coaching sessions to share ideas and best practices on gender diversity.

The Human Resources stream: to provide training for managers on gender equity related topics and to promote equity in recruitment, people review and nomination among others.

The Communications stream: to promote awareness about gender equity and to ensure equity in speaking opportunities, among others.

We are expecting to deliver the first results of this program before the end of 2017 and to strengthen our position as a highly attractive company for the best talents, women and men equally, wherever the company operates.


Worldline has recently committed to support the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)*. How will our TRUST 2020 program contribute to this universal and global roadmap?

The UN SDGs represent a great opportunity for us to reinforce our commitment to excellence regarding sustainability and a further incentive to mobilize all the company in our TRUST 2020 journey. As a key catalyst for transformation and for sustainable performance, our TRUST 2020 ambition is fully aligned with the UN SDGs’ ambition to make the world and the society more sustainable.

The comprehensive analysis we performed to assess our qualitative and quantitative contribution to the SDGs represents a key milestone to demonstrate with more clarity how we create sustainable value for our stakeholders, using a common framework and language.

The progress we intend to make through our TRUST 2020 program will enable us to maximize our positive contribution to the SDGs, especially to the 5 SDGs on which we have the greatest impact through our sustainable offering and our internal operations, while meeting our stakeholders’ expectations.

And we are fully committed to playing a leading role in this collective and universal action for sustainable development! 

To know more on Worldline’s contribution to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, please read the press release and stay tuned for the upcoming dedicated article on this hot topic at the very heart of global CSR agenda.

To learn more about our CSR strategy and our TRUST 2020 ambition, commitments and first achievements, please have a look to our 2016 CSR Report.


* In 2015, the 193 United Nations members adopted a set of 17 SDGs to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure prosperity and peace for all by 2030. These goals aim to address economic, environmental and social challenges and require collective action from the governments, the civil society  and the private sector. As part of its CSR strategy, Worldline undertook in 2016 a detailed analysis to assess its contribution to the 17 SDG’s. Based on its materiality matrix, this analysis demonstrated that Worldline had a more significant  impact on 5 SDGs through its sustainable offering and its internal operations: “Peace, justice and strong institutions (SDG #16); “Decent work and economic growth” (SDG #8); “Climate action” (SDG #13); “Responsible production and consumption” (SDG #12) and “Quality education” (SDG 4).