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The 3 key assets of Worldline’s Human Resources strategy that make the difference

The 3 key assets of
Worldline’s Human Resources strategy
that make the difference

Patrice Gry

HR Director

In our fast-changing, competitive and innovation-driven industry, our ability to attract, develop and retain the best talents is a key success factor in Worldline’s ambitious development strategy. As a result, our Human Resources strategy relies on three main differentiating assets that have been consolidated throughout a 45-year history of growth and innovation and that are at the core of our DNA:

A strong power of attraction linked to a genuine pride and sense of belonging

A proven know-how in people’s integration

A recognized expert network


“The diversity of our professions, the scope of our business and technological areas, the societal impacts of our solutions and the career development opportunities are the core ingredients of our recipe to attract and retain talents.”


During the past two years, we have made extensive efforts to reinforce our employer brand and to develop close relations with the leading Engineering and Business Schools and Universities. This has resulted in the strengthening of our attractiveness, especially towards juniors, who are the core target of our hiring policy. Our strong ambition in this area is reflected through our commitment to be cited in 5 employer brand studies by 2020, a key objective of our TRUST 2020 Corporate Social Responsibility long-term program. And this strategy has already paid off, as confirmed by the “Best Chile 2017” award and the “Happy Trainee 2016-2017” label we obtained.

One of the key pillars of our Talent acquisition strategy is the wide range of job opportunities offered by Worldline. As a leader in the payment industry and a key player of the digital transformation, we are well-positioned to cover numerous business activities in all industries and to address emerging technological areas, including payments, Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain among others. Moreover, our build-to-run business model allows us to embrace all the professions of the IT value chain. Finally, the societal impacts and value of our projects and solutions also constitute a real source of attractiveness, motivation and empowerment for new joiners.

Another fundamental driver of our successful “attract and retain the best talents” strategy is the priority we give to internal mobility and promotion. Thanks to our mobility and our learning & development policies supported by in-house tools, programs and best practices, we offer all our employees the opportunity to grow, change jobs regularly and take wider responsibilities to meet their professional goals by developing their own career path within the company.


“Any visitor who experiences Worldline from the inside will be astonished by the pride of belonging and the engagement of our teams.” 


We are particularly proud to emphasize the strong sense of belonging of our employees as a core component of our cultural identity. This is notably expressed through the genuine family and team spirit, engagement and professionalism demonstrated by our teams.

And the proof is in the figures! Indeed, for the past 5 years, we have obtained the best results (nearly 70% on average) on the “Pride” dimension questions of the Great Place to Work® (GPTW) annual survey that measures our employees’ satisfaction.  Considering that our employees’ well-being is an essential part of our responsible employer approach and a key driver for engagement and performance in the long term, we have committed to increase our employees’ satisfaction as part of our TRUST 2020 ambition. And our efforts in making Worldline a great place to work through our wellbeing@worldline dedicated program have already been rewarded by a 7-point gain in the overall employee satisfaction in 2016.

This sense of belonging is also reflected through our 12-year seniority average and a relatively low turnover rate for our sector in Europe of c. 5% in 2016. The participation rate of 23% in our last employee share plan also testifies to our employees’ trust in the future of the company.


“Our strong experience and proven know-how in people’s integration is a valuable asset to support our group’s external growth strategy.”


Building on our long history marked by significant acquisitions, we have developed a real and solid expertise in newcomers’ welcoming and integration.

From an HR perspective, a successful integration depends on our ability to address the following major challenges in a consistent manner:

Share a common balanced project

Anticipate, at an early stage, the preparation and set-up of the integration’s related processes and organization through a shared methodology between mixed teams  

Monitor  the progress of the integration plan, especially the implementation of Worldline HR tools to spread our best practices through a structured roadmap and a set of KPIs

Support the integration process through regular communication on the key milestones and a global change management approach

This proven know-how is absolutely fundamental to ensure the day 1 organization readiness and a seamless onboarding of the new teams on the Worldline journey allowing our new joiners to be immediately infused with our culture and way of life.


“Spreading innovation through our recognized expert network represents a key success factor in our mission to create value for our clients through inspired and advanced solutions.”


Innovation is at the heart of our value proposal to invent, design and offer our clients inspiring and state-of-the-art next-generation solutions, suited to their business needs. To promote this, we rely on a community of 250 highly skilled and talented experts focused on our 8 core technological domains and structured around 4 levels, from Junior to Fellow.

Through this “made by Worldline” expert community, we provide our experts with a nurturing and stimulating environment to develop an innovative mindset and facilitate expertise sharing across the organization. This includes taking an alternative approach to the tradition of promoting
employees to managers and instead offering specific career paths and perspectives that enable experts to be rewarded and recognized as they continue to advance in their technical discipline. Consequently, a specific Compensation and Benefits policy has been defined for the experts with, in particular, the allocation of dedicated time to ensure a technology watch and research on hot technological topics or to attend major international conferences such as Java One or Google I/O.

The expert community also constitutes the real catalyst to irrigate, evangelize and fertilize the entire company through innovations, new technologies and solutions.

Additionally, special events are organized regularly to spread innovation and expertise widely across the company such as Expert Days, international TechForums, in-house Innovation Awards, called Win Awards, and project contests for our very own “Win Lift” incubator, gathering more than 1,500 Worldliners passionate about innovation.

In the fast evolving world of payments and e-transactions, our expert community is therefore an unquestionable crucial asset to keep our competitive advantage and to support our expansion.

We hope this article has triggered your willingness to learn more about the Worldline journey and we kindly invite you to stay tuned to discover soon new articles and interviews about our HR best practices.

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