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Worldline furthers its commitment by signing the "Paris Action Climat" Charter

Worldline furthers its commitment by signing the "Paris Action Climat" Charter



Since the Paris Agreement, which became effective in November 2016, Worldline has significantly strengthened its actions in regards to the fight against climate change. As part of its climate strategy, Worldline is committed to implement all the necessary actions, in line with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), to accelerate its transformation to become a low-carbon company. On October 16, 2018, Worldline confirmed its commitment by signing the “Paris Action Climat” Charter at the “Gold” level.

Sébastien Mandron, Corporate Social Responsibility Officer at Worldline:
As a key player of the payment sector, with strong ties to the Paris region, we are pleased to work with Paris’ city hall and many other local players to take on the challenges linked to climate change and to sensitize local communities. By joining the “Paris Action Climat” initiative through the signature of its Charter at the “Gold” level, we hope to encourage other actors in our ecosystem to follow suite. We hope to positively influence all of our stakeholders to accelerate the transition to carbon neutrality for more sustainable territories.

This initiative is a perfect fit with the environmental actions implemented by Worldline and its climate strategy, which aims to accelerate the transition to a low-carbon economy and to improve environmental efficiency by reducing the carbon intensity and energy consumption of its activities.

Worldline has made a special commitment to reduce its carbon intensity by 2% per year, to double the quota of renewable energies in its energy consumption, to extend the ISO 14001 certification to all its data centers and sites with more than 500 employees, and to reach carbon neutrality for all its activities by 2020.

This strategy, fully integrated in its CSR ambition and at the core of its TRUST 2020 program, is already bearing fruit since 83% of the Company's C02 emissions are currently offset. This performance has actually been rewarded by numerous extra-financial rating agencies or organizations, such as Ecovadis, who has recently awarded Worldline for its best environmental practices. Worldline also multiplies pioneering and innovative initiatives, for instance in the environmental project “WeGreenIT”, led by WWF France and the Green IT Club. Worldline has joined this initiative in order to promote the Green IT best practices on its market.

By signing the “Paris Action Climat” at the “Gold” level, which is the 2nd level of commitment after the “Silver” one, Worldline is committed to elaborate an ambitious climate change strategy in line with the 2°C scenario by 2030, and to prioritize its actions regarding the protection of the environment according to their contribution to the SDGs, which are compatible with Paris’ Climate Plan. Worldline is also committed to be an active player within the partners club and the communities of the “Paris Action Climat”, and to promote the approach and actions undertaken in this context with its stakeholders: employees, customers, suppliers and investors.

To find out more about our CSR policy and actions, as well as our progress and achievements in the context of our long-term CSR ambition TRUST 2020, we invite you to read our 2017 CSR Report.