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Worldline - the Digital Partner of the Under The Pole III polar expedition in the service of scientific research

Worldline, the Digital Partner of
the Under The Pole III polar expedition
in the service of scientific research



Worldline has once again pushed the boundaries of innovation by becoming the digital partner of the Under The Pole III polar expedition, a mission supported by Explore, the private funding organization created in 2013 by the explorer Roland Jourdain in order to develop exploration projects combining science, innovation and awareness and responding to major environmental issues.


Under The Pole III • 2017-2020

Driven by the pioneering spirit of its founders, Ghislain and Emmanuelle Bardout and a unique collaboration between scientists and divers, Under The Pole III's exploration team has embarked on an extraordinary exploratory adventure for 3 years, from 2017 to 2020, boarding the “WHY” polar schooner to sail the world's four oceans: Arctic, Pacific, Antarctic and Atlantic. This third adventure of the Under the Pole expedition series is dedicated to an underwater exploration of the deep ecosystems of the "Twilight Zone", the "medium light" of the ocean located between 30 and 150 meters below the surface, to bring a better knowledge of these almost unexplored areas and thus to promote the development of a more sustainable world.

90% of the ocean remains to be explored, while it constitutes an incredible and indispensable resource: climate regulator, carbon sink, fish resources which represent the main source of animal proteins for one billion human beings. For this third expedition, Under The Pole uses its experience of extreme and remote diving in scientific research to allow the study of these unknown areas and better observe the extent of the changes it is undergoing. This layer of the ocean is home to new species to discover, ecosystems to study and behaviors to understand. The scientists involved in this adventurous and innovative approach will focus in particular on the study of biofluorescence, great sharks, and deep corals.

Recognized for its technological innovation capabilities, Worldline will provide, through this innovative partnership, which is a catalyst for scientific research, its technological expertise to accelerate scientific research and to support the mission of Under The Pole III.

With Worldline's highly secure Cloud hosting solutions, explorers and scientists will be able to centrally store all data and media content collected during the expedition on a dedicated server, with unlimited storage capacity. This fully secured information will then be available and accessible in real time by the scientific community of the entire world so that it can be analyzed and processed as quickly as possible. All media content created during the expedition (photos, videos, documentaries) will also be broadcasted online to share in real time the highlights of the journey and the results of the scientific research and discoveries as the expedition progresses and thus raising the general public's awareness about the preservation of the oceans and more broadly the protection of the environment. Robotics solutions are also being studied to sensitize young audience through adapted interactive content and a more playful approach.

This partnership is fully aligned with Worldline's Corporate Social Responsibility policy and actions, especially regarding its environmental commitments. This large-scale mobilization is also at the heart of Worldline's societal commitment and is consistent with the company's skills sponsorship approach for the benefit of local communities that especially focuses on health and medical research issues and education.

For more information on the Under the Pole expeditions and on the Explore funding organization led by Roland Jourdain, you can visit the below dedicated websites:

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