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Our Expert Community, a genuine catalyst for innovation

Our Expert Community
A genuine catalyst for innovation



Worldline officially launched its Expert Community, with a pilot in France, in 2013 with 100 technical experts at that time. Through this Expert Community, Worldline aims to spread the expertise within its organization by fostering knowledge and know-how sharing and by valuing and recognizing its technical talents by enabling them to evolve in their areas of expertise. In an industry driven by innovation and marked by rapid and even more complex technological evolutions, our Expert Community represents a key asset to enhance our attractiveness, retain the most talented experts and offer our customers inspired and innovative solutions for the future. In just 4 years, the Expert Community has significantly expanded It is coming out of its pioneering stage and entering a new era. Today, it brings together 250 experts from almost all of our geographies.



Shared benefits for value creation

In a high-tech company like ours, expertise is a key driver of success, performance and differentiation in our market. For both our image and our development, our ability to value and promote expertise represents therefore a real challenge in our strategy of creating value for our stakeholders. We have implemented our Expert Community in order to achieve this ambitious goal.


Benefits for our Experts

We provide our experts with numerous opportunities and a privileged and stimulating environment to nurture their skills, to be recognized internally and externally and to evolve in their technical discipline.

Once they are nominated, our experts integrate expert networks within Worldline and the Atos Group and participate in workshops fostering sharing, emulation and creativity. In this context, they can benefit from the mentoring and coaching of more experienced peers. They can also participate in prestigious international seminars or conferences in technical and scientific fields such as Java One or Google I/O. Finally, our experts benefit from a dedicated time for technological watch and to spread their expertise within the company. They also contribute to pre-sales where their expertise is a key asset and makes the difference.

In addition, a specific training path has been developed for our experts. It aims to complement their technical progress with a curriculum to strengthen their soft skills. Our portfolio offers trainings to develop their leadership and especially their ability to influence and inspire, their ability to disseminate their knowledge and teach their expertise, or their communication skills (writing, pitching or social networks).

Finally, by formalizing a career path towards expertise, as an alternative to the more traditional evolution stream towards management, with, among others, a dedicated compensation and benefits policy, we offer our experts the opportunity to grow by being recognized, supported and valued.


Benefits for Worldline

By providing our experts a supportive and stimulating environment, we encourage innovation, improve R&D capabilities, and spread expertise-related know-how.

This approach enables us to:

Strengthen our employer brand and our attractiveness toward technical talents from the most prestigious universities and engineering schools;

Recognize and value the technical skills of our experts within the company to retain the most talented experts by offering career paths to evolve in their technical discipline;

Enrich the technical culture of our company through expertise sharing and dissemination across the organization;

Improve our visibility as an Expert company;

Develop our competitive advantage thanks to the high quality of our services and our innovative solutions offered to our customers to meet their strategic business challenges.


Governance, appointment/nomination and organization


Governance and the selection process

The Expert Community is coordinated and led by a Steering Committee that is composed of members from the Human Resources Department, Operations and the Technical Department. This committee is responsible for defining the short-term and strategic orientations of the Expert Community, coordinating the work and the different tracks and leading the Expert networks and workshops.

A recruitment campaign is launched every two years to invite new employees to join the Community and enrich it. Employees apply on a voluntary basis. Following the application phase, a selection process is then conducted on the basis of defined criteria relating to internal/external visibility, capacity for influence and leadership, communication, sharing and transmission or innovation. Candidates are evaluated by a jury on the basis of this established grid.


Levels of expertise

The Expert Community comprises 4 levels of expertise from "Expert" to "Fellow", each based on specific requirements and roles:

Is an international opinion leader in his/her area of expertise;

Influences the technology and the market by their vision;

Publishes articles or is a lecturer at technical conferences;

Influences the Group’s and key clients’ strategy by proposing breakthrough technology approach;

Improves technology for successful project delivery;

Files patents;

Validates distinguished experts and helps them grow;

Inspires other experts.

Masters a portfolio of solutions or technologies within the Group;

Represents the Group in symposiums and conferences, is strongly involved in key clients’ opportunities and projects;

Develops patents;

Is responsible for the creation and coordination of expert networks and communities in his/her domain of expertise and helps experts and senior experts grow.

Gives a structure to scientific and technical knowledge and translates it into a portfolio element;

Actively contributes to the Expert Community and fosters knowledge sharing on a local and global scale;

Actively contributes to customer projects and opportunities;

May contribute to patent filings;

Identify and help Experts grow.

Uses a scientific approach and has a high level expertise in at least one complex domain;

Influences at local level;

Participates in some technical networks in her/his domain of expertise in his/her country.

Areas of expertise

The Experts Community covers the 14 main technological areas of the company. These areas include software and applications, hardware and infrastructure (DB, systems…), Cloud, Data Intelligence and Cyber Security, among others.


The Experts events

In order to encourage peer interaction and sharing of ideas and to promote a culture of expertise within the company, local and international events are regularly organized. Among these rallies, we can mention the “Espaces Experts”, International TechForums, Expert Ceremonies, Innovation Days, WIN Awards (to reward in-house innovative projects) as well as competitions organized as part of our internal incubator "WIN Lift", a program designed to help our colleagues turn their ideas into real projects. These events, during which conferences and workshops are organized and many prototypes and R&D concepts are presented, have become essential meetings mobilizing each year all our experts and Worldliners passionate about technology and innovation.


New dimension, new dynamics, new challenges

Thanks to its success, the Community is taking on a new dimension and continues its development dynamic, already initiated last year, with the globalization of the stream and the launch of the Atos Group’s Expert network dedicated to technical expertise.


Internationalization and global approach

In order to encourage cross-country expertise sharing and to support the Group's strong international growth strategy, the Expert Community has now been launched in almost all of our geographies. It is now deployed in Belgium, Germany, Spain, the United Kingdom, India and Asia-Pacific. This new international momentum will facilitate and promote the transmission of the culture of innovation throughout the organization.



The Expert Community has developed a communication strategy to give more visibility and to promote its achievements internally and externally. Internally, a newsletter is sent regularly to all our employees to inform them of the latest highlights and initiatives from the Community. Externally, a brand new technical blog has been launched. Its goal is to showcase and promote our expertise externally to our customers, partners, competitors, schools and universities. This mode of communication has become an important channel today to strengthen our identity as a major player in IT.