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Career development: a tailor-made approach to opening up new horizons

Career development:
a tailor-made approach to opening up new horizons 



Developing soft skills as well as technical knowhow and offering new creative opportunities are a strong motivational factor for people-driven Career Management.

Every year, people reviews held by HR and managers aim to anticipate individual and/or collective career moves and skills development needs in view of business changes. This approach, supported by annual performance appraisals and individual development plans, is at the heart of Worldline’s career management strategy to implement relevant career paths in line with employees’ development aspirations. Worldline has also set a specific approach to Talent Management in order to identify talented individuals - top performers with high potential for growth or with business critical expertise - to include them in critical positions’ succession plans but also to build and follow up on individual development plans, including the opportunity to follow Worldline and Atos Groups’ Talent dedicated international development programs such as “Gold for Managers”, “Gold for Experts”, “Juniors Group” and “On the Job experience” to accelerate their career growth.

To showcase Worldline’s career management approach, a dedicated in-house "Career Days" event was initiated in 2017 in eight countries, enabling employees to discover in depth the broad array of career paths, tools and programs offered by Worldline to support their career development, through interactive roundtable discussions, testimonials and webinars.

Furthermore, Worldline intends to boost both geographical and functional mobility, as a cornerstone and a catalyst for people development and engagement. As a result, Worldline has step up efforts to implement new initiatives in order to develop a culture of internal mobility by transparently communicating about all opportunities, facilitating mobility processes and promoting mobility as a rewarding experience through employee testimonials. Worldline has also leveraged the Belgium “Job Café” successful best practice to highlight new projects and extended it to new geographies and to new formats to better suit operational needs, including a global virtual session.


From a traditional training approach towards an agile and enhanced “Learning Experience”

Consistent with its learning strategy, Worldline continues to focus on three priority areas through its global training plan:

Reinforce technological expertise in IT delivery supported by a project Management Academy to homogenize project management practices and a wide set of internal or external certification including a Payment certification, Prince 2, or Scrum Master.

Strengthen sales techniques and soft-skills through dedicated Sales Academy curriculum and a Sales Event.

Develop a strong and common leadership and managerial culture across the company based on comprehensive internally designed management training paths such as local or international “Lead! Excellence program” for top managers, “Essential program for managers” that combines adaptive e-learning modules and change management workshops, or “Innovative Management” to convey agile management 3.0 practices across the organization.

Additionally, once a year, employees have the opportunity to live a creative learning experience through the “Learning Days” one-week event, which promotes all the training and development programs offered by Worldline. In 2017, the “Learning Days” gathered 3,400 employees in 15 countries around dozens of topics spread out through e-learning, discovering, meeting, self-testing, sharing and discussion.

With the rising capabilities of digital and collaborative tools, new innovative and agile ways of learning are emerging within Worldline to keep pace with its evolving ecosystem, thus accelerating the transition towards a “Learning organization” based on a “learning from people experience and knowledge sharing” approach. Initiatives including think tanks, expert conferences and webinars and our internal innovation incubator “WIN Lift” complement the traditional training offers to raise employees’ awareness on core-business challenges or emerging technological trends.


My Mobility My Success Testimonial
Different Roles, different countries and different cultures but one only company!
Françoise VERGER, Operational Performance Manager at Worldline

Since joining the company in 1999, I have felt very lucky because I have been given the chance to grow regularly in the organization through different job opportunities in France or abroad. Mobility is the best way to improve, to meet new colleagues, to discover new professional best practices and to keep the right level of motivation.