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A look back at the first Worldline e-Payments Challenge Hackathon

A look back at the first
Worldline e-Payments Challenge Hackathon



On September 27th, after a very interesting Opening Conference led by Maud Bailly, AccorHotels' CDO, Marc-Henri Desportes, Worldline's Deputy CEO, Pascal Mauzé, Worldline's Head of Sales & Marketing, and Worldline Experts, Fintech startups challenged themselves during 48 hours to deliver solutions for Worldline clients using Worldline assets during the e-Payments Challenge Hackathon.

After hours of hard work, fun, good food and little sleep, the Fintechs pitched their solutions to their challenge owners and winners were selected for each challenge. But it was not over yet; a grand jury selected 8 Fintechs to pitch their solutions again to determine a Grand Prize winner.

Here are the winners of the first Worldline e-Payments Challenge Hackathon:

Challenges Winners:

Seamless in-store payment experience - CopSonic

Reinvent the loyalty management interface between merchants and banks in a GDPR world - NetClearance

Community payments - Billee

Direct carrier billing revolution - SSP

Explore the potential of “charge cards” - Divido

Digitized fleet cards management - CopSonic

B2B e-commerce payments – Velvet

Seamless guest consumption experience – iBilly

Grand Jury Winners (tie):



Social Media Contest Winner: iBilly

Thank you to everyone who participated and made this first event a major success. See you next year for another edition of the Worldline e-Payments Challenge Hackathon.

Discover the event in video.