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Worldline made their dream come true: Transtica's humanitarian race in Costa Rica

Worldline made their dream come true: Transtica's humanitarian race in Costa Rica



As in each year since 2013, Worldline organizes a major internal competition to bring our employees' projects to life. Humanitarian, sustainable development, team cohesion... all CSR categories are represented. For this seventh edition, the finalists of "Worldline makes your dreams come true" met on June 27th in Bezons for the deliberations of the Jury. In the end, 5 teams caught their attention.

“La Transtica” team won the trophy in the "Team Dream" category. The project of Sébastien Gilliot, Gaëtan Ballard, Laurent Sans and François Catteau, 4 racing fans based in Seclin, Lyon, Blois and Rennes, consisted in participating, as a team, in the Costa Rica Ultra Trail run. This 5-stage, 9,200 m ascending elevation, 200 km race is an adventure far from tourist standards to discover the culture and local populations. We followed them during their journey from the 22nd till the 28th of November 2019, during which they were able to donate medical and school equipment in Costa Rican villages with EL NIÑO, the association organizing the race.


Discover the Costa Rica Ultra Trail and our Worldliners during these 6 days.

la course humanitaire au Costa Rica de Transtica picture


STAGE 1: Villa Nueva - Naranjillo - Santa Maria de Dota

Our 4 Worldliners started the first stage in a tropical forest, between heat and humidity. Two different routes were available at each stage, the extreme route, reserved for people who practice ultra trail (distance greater than 80 km) and the adventure route, reserved for people who practice trail adventure (distance less than 80 km).

Stage results (out of 40 runners):

- Extreme – 41.2 km: 1st Gaëtan, 2nd Sébastien, 4th François

- Adventure – 25.5 km: 1st Laurent



STAGE 2: Santa Maria de Dota - Ojo de Agua

During their second stage and before starting the race, the team was able to meet the children of the Esperanza school in a moment of exchange and donation of school equipment. To thank them, the children had prepared a colourful show with traditional dances. A moment full of emotions. "Pura Vida"!

Stage results:

- Extreme – 41.8km: 1st Gaëtan, 3th François, 4th Sébastien

- Adventure – 20.8 km: 2nd  Laurent


STAGE 3: La Esperanza - Purisil - El Humo

Once the race was over, the Transtica team met schoolchildren and their parents in the village of Purisil. According to the runners' testimonies, "they laughed when they saw us, all muddy, handing out school kits to their children".

Stage results:

- Extreme – 48.1 km: 1st tie Gaëtan, 4th François, 5th Sébastien

- Adventure – 32.8 km: 2nd Laurent



STAGE 4 : La Marta - El Silencio - San Pablo de Tres Esquis

After a race mixing gravel paths and journey through different Costa Rican villages, a magnificent dance and theatre show performed by schoolchildren awaited our runners in the evening.

At the end of the show, the Transtica team donated school equipment and sports clothing to the triathlon team, made up of former students from this school, from the nearby village. "Once again, a lot of emotions during this meeting.”

Stage results:

- Extreme – 37.2 km: 1st Gaëtan, 2nd François, 4th Sébastien

- Adventure – 23.5 km: 2nd Laurent


STAGE 5: Playa Negra – Manzanillo

After a well-deserved day of rest, the Ultra Trail ended for our Worldliners during this last stage.

However, the departure was delayed due to a Tropical Onda on the Caribbean coast during the night. After 13km of running on the beach, the race was suspended to ensure the safety of the runners, particularly due to the fall of tree trunks. The runners, a little frustrated, took the opportunity to jump into the water and improvise a collective body surfing session before the prize-giving ceremony!

Stage results: Stopped after 13km.

- Extreme – 27.6 km: 1st Gaëtan, 3th François, 4th Sébastien

- Adventure – 201 km: 1st  tie Laurent


Classement Final (sur 40 coureurs)


Final results (out of 40 runners):

- Extreme: 1st Gaëtan, 3th  Sébastien, 4th  François

- Adventure: 2nd  Laurent

The Worldline team was able to reach the podium, and this last evening was an opportunity for them to celebrate their victory, despite the general power failure that interrupted the festivities. Congratulations to our Worldliners for this experience, their place on the podium and their remarkable generosity!


Discover their testimonials on this incredible adventure!

Gaëtan: "The discovery of a country, its preserved green flora and fauna, its beaches and volcanic mountains. The exchange with Costa Ricans right down to the schools of the isolated villages, a human, solidarity and ultra-sport adventure at the same time, a top Worldline team with great performances for all involved, these are just some of the things that have stayed with me during our journey. A big thank you to all those who supported our project and followed us during this great adventure.”
François: "A team of Worldliners who were able to live a human and sporting experience throughout the breakneck speed crossing of Costa Rica. Thank you Worldline and the "Worldline makes your dreams come true" program for allowing us to experience this rewarding adventure.”
Sébastien: "Costa Rica is a country that will leave its mark on us for a long time to come. It is a magical setting that has offered itself to us through its landscapes, its inhabitants, its animals and its luxuriant nature. Thank you to Worldline for allowing us to experience this unique humanitarian and sporting adventure.”
Laurent: "An extraordinary sporting tough adventure, with a top team, in an extraordinary setting with an important humanitarian axis. Both between runners from all over the world and the organization's team, as well as with the Costa Ricans on the bivouacs in the villages and especially the children during the school donations, their smile, their happiness, Pura Vida Costa Rica! Thank you for your support and encouragement, thank you to Worldline for making this fantastic dream come true."