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Worldline takes care of its salespeople

Worldline takes care of its salespeople 



Interview with Pascal Mauzé, Head of Sales & Marketing, and Anne-Céline Muller, Head of Sales Dynamics and Transformation.


What is the sales dynamic at Worldline and how has it changed recently?

Pascal MAUZE: The development of the sales dynamic is one of the main missions of a Sales Director. At Worldline, this sales dynamic is one of the keys to our success; we have very committed teams, always ready to take on new challenges. We wanted to reinforce this dynamic, the spirit of conquest of our sales teams and value their creativity and initiatives. That is why we have set up a dedicated program called the Sales Transformation Program.

Anne-Céline MULLER: The results of this program are very positive in terms of the sales dynamic and contracts signing. 2018 was very strong, in constant acceleration. We have also strengthened collaboration between our different units and countries and we are also working on career development and the training of our salespeople. This global dynamic is supported by the individual dynamics of our salespeople, each with a personal "Sales PoWer"; and by the different events that we also organize, including the Sales Event.

What is this program about?

PM: This program has several axes; one is based on the promotion of our offers, what we call the Sales Campaigns. The portfolio was prioritized and the commercial emphasis put on a dozen campaigns, among 65 listed offers. Transversal topics are added to this list, such as the GDPR for example. The idea is to have an ambition for each of these campaigns, spread out throughout the year and by country.

Another axis is training. To train our teams, we obviously rely on traditional training and expertise sharing, but we also launched in 2018 a more fun approach to training: training through gamification. Thus the 2018 Sales Event, our annual convention, enabled 200 salespeople and 50 managers to quickly learn and train as a team through presentations and customer interactions. The event was a huge Speed Training in the form of a competition allowing teams to collect points and, for some, to win the competition. This created a very good competitive dynamic and the participants got caught up in the game. Our next Sales Event will be held from March 12 to 14, 2019 in Rome and will have the same objective: training through gamification and team building.

Along the same line, we launched a Sales Challenge, via an internal competition platform on a global scale, whose objective is also to train our teams to our Sales Campaigns through gamification. This challenge will reward the salespeople who have achieved the highest scores with special prizes.

Another axis is partnerships development and improved interactions with our customers. Among our various events, we are proud to have launched our 1st external Hackathon, the "e-Payments Challenge", in 2018, bringing together our clients and FinTechs in a competition. Since this event was very successful, we are launching its second edition in September. Finally, we are focused on team spirit, a value that is present in all the actions that we launch and put in place.

ACM: The first step in early 2018 was to strengthen Worldline's growth levers. The HR dynamic, as mentioned by Pascal, was also crucial, as were the well-being, the training of our salespeople, career development ... But also the business guidance, necessary to manage our sales activities and schedule. This program has kept its promises in 2018, which was quite ambitious and had to be coherent as it extended across all our entities and in all countries. 2019 represents a very operational phase, during which the emphasis is placed on supporting countries and local teams in their commercial development. We support them in the appropriation of global know-hows, methodologies mastered in other geographies, so that they can adapt and generate more business at a local level. In terms of Sales Campaigns, all the countries have chosen a certain number of them, in their allocated budget for 2019, on which they intend to focus to develop their business, in addition to their existing sales dynamic. With our help, they rely on global elements to generate new business on new points of activity, like the WL Contact offer in England and Germany.


What is the typical salespeople profile at Worldline?

PM: There is no typical profile to be a salesperson at Worldline. These profiles are different and complementary, people are passionate about what they do, enthusiastic and creative, proud to be part of our Company. This attitude and state of mind are reflected in their performance. These people have a very important team spirit because they often have collective goals. There are many obstacles on the way to a commercial closing, but our employees know how to overcome them.

ACM: Worldline's sales population is also very heterogeneous from one country to another, since outside France, the only country where all our offers are available, countries are generally specialized. As in many companies today, we are trying to recruit young professionals and experts.

What is the role of a salesperson at Worldline?

PM: We have Business Developers who are solution experts, Account Sales who are rather customer experts and, finally, Solution Sales who are really focused on a single solution.


How does Worldline attract and retain its sales population?

PM: When it comes to age brackets, there are a lot of young people who stay at Worldline to build their career. Their growth opportunities are numerous, in their country and internationally.

I think that Worldline firstly attracts by its position on the market, in the world of payment, platforms, IoT... Our performance is recognized and attractive, especially in the world of payments since it is a relatively small market, and that we are the leader. There is also the cooptation, the traditional means of recruitment ... We retain these people thanks to a strong dynamic, with a family spirit, with a strong growth at the heart of our priorities, hence making our salespeople highly valued. We try to give them the means to achieve their goals. In the end, these people feel at home at Worldline, as indicated by the "Great Place to Work" survey’s scores from the sales population. This good inner state of mind is felt externally and attracts new talent quite naturally. There are many options in terms of career, which is very attractive, and also the opportunity to learn constantly. Finally, our management is very good, pulling people towards excellence.

ACM: Worldline is a company that attracts by its unique positioning and its capacity for innovation. We work at the heart of the transformation of our world and we are present in people’s daily life, which creates a real pride of belonging to the Worldline family.


What is your “Sales PoWer”?

PM: I think I am enthusiastic. My "Sales PoWer" is that I am at the right place at the right time. There are a lot of offers, a great market dynamic and an excellent team. My strength is the motivation I have to develop business at Worldline.

ACM: I think it is my undertaking ability. I launch many projects, I am innovative and creative: this is noticeable with the Sales Event, the Sales Challenge, the "e-Payments Challenge"... I like to invest myself, to be part of this team and of this dynamic.