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Giving customers a safe experience during the second wave of restrictions

Giving customers
a safe experience during
the second wave of restrictions



France and Germany have recently decided to implement a new lockdown because of the increase in the number of COVID-19 cases. In Europe, other countries have already followed similar restrictions to limit the spread, for example, the resent announcements from England. Retailers find themselves again in a difficult situation where they have to adapt quickly to these. Failure of adoption places companies at risk of losing revenues, employees, and customers. Investing in digital omnichannel tools would give them an advantage with the new regulations and would establish their long-term position as retailers. Future trends before COVID-19 suggested these tools were already factors in long-term sustainability, and the current circumstances have provided an opportunity for them to be prepared for the future now. Customers are being agile and adapting to the new rules of retail. What is preventing retailers to do the same? Worldline has anticipated the changes in customer needs and has developed consumer tailored solutions for retailers. These digital solutions address safety for all stakeholders and increase operational efficiencies.


Customers’ smartphone for self-checkout

WL Scan & Pay is a customizable user interface combined with a back-office adapted to stores’ operations. Customers can effortlessly scan a QR code at the store entrance, launching the retailer’s digital store on their mobile device. A functional e-commerce self-checkout infused with the in-store experience. The flexible Back Office Management system has a focus on making sure transactions are safe and secure, providing retailers with multiple steps to fraud prevention in their daily operations. The possibility of the self-digital checkout can revolutionize how retailers interact with customers during their purchasing journey. Mobile, contactless, and safe.

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Optimize order preparation for easy pick-up in store

WL Order Picking is designed to help retailers’ employees prepare an ever-increasing amount of orders in the most efficient way. The preparation paths are harmonized to optimize picking and reduce the distance covered by the preparers. Each preparer is equipped with a simple smartphone or a touchscreen terminal with a barcode scanner. The picker then collects the products thanks to the Android app directly linked to the back office. The employee's activity is visible in real-time, enabling maximum productivity and optimizing the allocation of resources. Retailers can therefore expand their reach to customers under new restrictions. Customers can experience a seamless pick-up experience thanks to retailers’ new services.

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