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SCA deadline for PSD2 compliance is approaching fast

SCA deadline for
PSD2 compliance
is approaching fast

Ariana Del Rosario

Business Tribe Lead and Fraud Product Manager / Ingenico ePayments

The December 31st deadline for the implementation of Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) is approaching fast. The European Banking Authority (EBA) has postponed the deadline by 15 months (initially 14th September 2019), but it won’t be postponed again.

It is time to act now and Ingenico strongly recommends implementing and fully supporting 3D Secure version 2 as it meets the SCA requirement. Implementation now also means you will:

  • Have enough time to adapt to the new processes and apply the best practices.
  • Be able to adjust the data that needs to be sent, in order to increase frictionless flow.
  • Be able to gather data to analyze and define your exemptions strategy.


3D Secure version 2 is PSD2 compliant, at the same time it is driving the next generation of card fraud risk management and user experience, offering a significant opportunity for online businesses. Not only in Europe but around the world. To this end we developed the Ingenico SCA Accelerator Suite, which provides SCA compliance with ease. It is available for enterprise level merchants who are using the connect integration. The product suite utilizes the latest versions of 3D Secure, offers authentication routing, ensures the appropriate data collection and streamlines mobile UX.

Put simply we have taken the hard work out of becoming PSD2 compliant with solutions that are built to handle your needs. Ingenico automatically implements updates, which can be tested in the sandbox and staging test environments. We also provide assessments on the quality of the data that you are required to collect under PSD2 and help you to understand how this can be used to improve approval rates.

It’s time to make PSD2 work for you. Contact us to find out more.