Stablecoins - Next generation regulated digital currencies

Highly volatile cryptocurrencies with limited applicability have been around for more than ten years. But now that stablecoins are taking centre stage the practical use is back in focus. Both private companies and central banks around are using stablecoins for a wide variety of purposes. Read this article to learn more about this cryptocurrency.

The digital transformation of the customer journey at Bouygues Telecom

The digital transformation of the point of sale is a key axis of Bouygues Telecom’s strategy. Thus, it is in this context that, in early 2015, Bouygues Telecom began the transformation of its 550 points of sale, which represent the company’s showcase and brand image. Bouygues Telecom naturally turned to Worldline for help with this implementation, following a first successful contact regarding SEPA mandates in 2013, the goal being to create a fully digitized customer journey.