What is the best wine?

Present Ticketing for Transport technologies offers a wide range of alternatives, and the evolution continues as digital technologies make further advances in customer interfaces, communication methods and data processing. We must provide ticketing solutions for access and payment in transport systems that bring a wider range of alternatives to cope with each customer profile, type and needs.

The payments challenges facing every retailer and how to solve them as you grow

Entering a new market is a proven growth strategy that can transform your retail business - and being ready to meet the needs of that market, while addressing the opportunities and challenges involved is essential. Among the many challenges facing retailers looking to expand is that of payment facilitation. Businesses looking to capitalise on payment innovations are often faced with a plethora of jargon-heavy information which makes it difficult to know where to start. Ultimately, your ability to overcome the obstacles presented to you will determine your potential for sustainable success.

Learning Expedition- Discovering cashless payments the Swedish way

From 27 to 29 September, a group of Worldliners gathered in Stockholm- set to become the world's first cashless society- for a fast-paced trip focused on payment innovations and the cashless society. Among other things, they discovered the Riksbank's e-krona project and meet with some inspiring local players and experts of this cutting-edge city.