How will we pay?


Welcome to a new world of payments. A world where digital technologies meet the expectations and aspirations of consumers, merchants and banks.
As a leading innovator in the payments sector, Worldline is at the forefront of imagining and creating the future of payments, harnessing the potential of technology to improve payment experiences, and anticipating and responding to trends in the market. An essential part of this process for Worldline is developing use cases that illustrate how we can create value for merchants and banks, helping them to build deeper and longer-lasting relationships with their customers.

Discover the first story of our new comic strip series A sneak peek into the future of payments, which considers a number of future use cases offered by payments technologies. Focusing on the everyday lives of end users, it aims to provide easily accessible insights into where innovations in payments will take us next, which the financial services sector and merchants can use as a starting point for defining and designing their own future payments strategies, bringing them into ever closer relationships with their customers.

The use case in this series will be updated regularly, stay tuned!