Click & Collect
in a contactless world

Meet Emilie

Meet Emilie. She has so many interests in the physical world around her (sport, art, theatre) that the digital world gets her attention most when it can help her do things more easily. For the past ten years or so, Emilie (who recently celebrated her 40th birthday) has happily embraced social networks and adopts technology that is useful and convenient – like an app to help recycle her unwanted clothes that she found out about from Jack via the online local community forum. Online food shopping was a no-brainer for her. While she is no stranger to simple pleasures like walking in the park in the rain, she has always had an affinity with the letters V.I.P! Maybe as they rhyme with her name, or maybe because she enjoys pampering and V.I.P. experiences that match her interests and outgoing personality. 



Emilie is always on the go…

so being able to click & collect as soon as suits her is ideal

How We Will Pay

Today Emilie is organising lunch for her work colleagues

Emilie ordered lunch online using the restaurant’s app. Thanks to geolocalisation, the restaurant knows exactly when and where Emilie is parked in their Click & Collect bay. She pays and confirms her food order by making a contactless payment. She can pay with her credit card, mobile or smart watch and also has the option of pre-paying online.
Emilie’s order is paid so while she waits in her car listening to music, the food is served up fresh and swiftly delivered to her car…

Emilie is no chef but she knows exactly how to rustle up a great lunch for friends and colleagues thanks to a seamless and contactless Click & Collect. She is happy to change her habits and enjoy the benefits of an increasingly contactless world.

Emilie has collected and brought her colleagues’ lunch to the office, without once needing to leave her personal space, and they have time to eat together.

With a life that is very much on the go, whether collecting shopping, a book from the public library or medication from a pharmacy, Click & Collect will allow Emilie to stay in the driving seat – running her life spontaneously, efficiently and securely, using contactless and online payments.